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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Bamboo Sheets

February 26, 2020   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Looking at switching to bamboo bedding, hey? Where do you start? From the days of high thread count cotton being the pinnacle of bedding luxury, we’ve come a long way.  Organic bamboo bed sheets are the new, glossy, ultra-luxurious kid on the block, and here’s everything you need to know about them before you purchase.

Check the Fabric

Bamboo bedding, when done correctly, can be a cool, breathable addition to your bedroom set up. Look for bamboo bed sheets with a sateen weave. This allows more efficient air flow and therefore a cooler nights sleep, and delivers that soft, lightweight glossy finish that bamboo sheets are known for. When compared to cotton sheets, bamboo traps less hot air around your body, keeping your body temperature stable. Look out for certifications like Oeko-Tex 100, as this ensures no harmful substances are used in your bamboo bedding. Ensure your sheets are pure, organic bamboo, and avoid bamboo cotton blends if you want to get the full benefits of bamboo bedding. T

Ecosa’s bamboo sheets are Oeko-Tex certified, made with 100% organic bamboo in a sateen weave, and give that luxury hotel feel you’re looking for.

Pre-shrunk, or Not?

Most bed sheets – no matter the fabric – will shrink a little after the first washes. So, before you buy your bamboo bedding, check to see if they’re pre-shrunk. If not, you could face a sizing issue later. Sateen weave sheets tend to shrink less than twill weave, too. 

Ecosa’s bamboo bedding range is pre-shrunk and sized to fit with plenty of breathing space. Our fitted sheets have depth, and our pillow cases have plenty of space for different pillow sizes. 

Does Thread Count Matter?

In a word, no. Thread count is associated more with cotton sheets. Bamboo bedding thread counts aren’t directly the same as cotton, but as an example, bamboo sheets with a 350 thread count are similar to cotton sheets with a 1000 thread count, in terms of quality and durability. Thread count isn’t nearly as important as the fabric composition, weave style or bamboo quality, though.

Got Allergies?

Another major benefit of switching to bamboo sheets is that they’re hypoallergenic. Gentle on even the most sensitive skin and respiratory health conditions, bamboo bedding is a great choice for those with asthma and allergies. 

Choose Your Style 

Bamboo sheets add a luxury dimension to your bedroom, so choose your colours and styling carefully. For a pure, relaxing and mindful space, opt for whites, ivories, cool blues and natural, earthy shades. For a more dramatic mood, opt for blacks, greys, navies and deep greens. 

Ecosa’s bamboo sheet sets and duvet covers are available in a selection of colours to help define your perfect bedroom style. Go monochrome with your fave shades or mix and match for a multi-dimensional, versatile look.

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