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How a Good Mattress Can Improve Your Relationship

February 27, 2020   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Sleep deprivation has negative effects on you, as well as your partner. Imagine waking up in the morning irritable and moody. You turn to your side and who’s the first target of your wrath? Your partner. 

A study by Ohio State University found that couples getting less than seven hours of sleep were more likely to argue or become hostile. But if one partner was well-rested? This person would more likely be kinder and more patient in an argument. Another recent study by the Sleep Research Society showed that sleep-deprived people tended to use more negative words than those who had a full night’s sleep.  

These studies only confirm what we already know: lack of a good night’s sleep makes us crabby and temperamental which makes us more likely to get into nasty fights with our partner. Considering that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, it is an important matter indeed to improve your sleep quality as well as your partner’s.

Create an Ideal Sleeping Environment

The road to better sleep begins with an honest conversation between you and your partner about your individual quirks and needs. It can be difficult to sleep, for instance, when your partner snores all night long. In which case, you must both work together to come up with solid solutions to manage that. 

Or perhaps you have differing sleep schedules. You’re a morning person and your partner’s a night owl. So you sleep at 10 pm, only to wake up in the middle of the night when your partner not-so-quietly slips into bed beside you. Or come morning, when you wake up at 5 am and you open all the lights, waking up your partner in the process. In this case, you both need to compromise and make sleeping arrangements about when it’s okay and not okay to make noise or turn on the lights.

What about tossing and turning? Or differing sleep positions? Or sleep problems due to back pain? All these things should be taken into account. Though they may seem small, these little things can prevent you from falling deeper into the sleep cycles, which you need to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Luckily, getting the right mattress might just solve these issues!

Choose a Mattress as a Couple

Finding the perfect mattress for you and your partner requires a lot of thought and experimentation so you can both get enough hours of sleep every day. Here are some important factors to consider:

  • Mattress Size – Sleeping close to your loved one is one of the best ways to feel intimate. In fact, studies show that cuddling someone releases dopamine and serotonin which boosts your mood and contributes a lot to your emotional well-being. However, some couples need space just as much as intimacy. If you have space and budget for it, get a king-sized bed. This can allow you to occupy as much space as you want without disturbing your partner and vice versa. This can be particularly useful if you or your partner are particularly tall.  
  • Firmness Level – Back sleepers need firmer mattresses while side sleepers prefer a softer surface. Therefore, in most cases, a medium-firm mattress is best for couples — unless the discrepancy is extreme.

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  • Motion Transfer – Hands down the best mattress for zero partner disturbance is a full memory foam or latex mattress. Both types of mattresses do a good job in isolating motion which means that you won’t feel it when your partner tosses and turns throughout the night.

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Healthy Sleep Leads to Happy Relationships

Imagine waking up in the morning well-rested and ready to take on the day. You turn on your side and who’s the first target of your happiness? Your partner. 

Sleep affects your love life more than you probably think it does. Lack of sleep can easily lead to feeling cranky and overly sensitive, making you more susceptible to fights. All these things could be easily prevented by just getting enough shut-eye. Talk to your partner about turning your sleepless nights into normal sleep, a deep and blissful slumber. 

Make sleeping a priority. You AND your partner will be sure to wake up happier and in a better mood overall!

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