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Choosing the Right Bed Frame for Your Bedroom Style

June 19, 2023   By Jennifer Cook

Looking for a new bed frame to complement your spring or memory foam? Or maybe you want to have enough space for your storage drawers and other stuff? Whatever the case may be, choosing the perfect bed frame for your room isn’t the same when picking any other piece of furniture.

The best bed frame is one that can cater to all sleepers, regardless of their preferred sleeping style. It shouldn’t be too flimsy that your bed moves along with you as you sleep, but it shouldn’t be heavy that you can’t move it when you want to.

Another point to remember is that whatever type of bed frame you pick will be the focal point of your bedroom’s aesthetic and interior design. It will dictate how you choose your other bedroom furniture, as well as how you style the rest of your room!

Will your metal bed frame fit in your functionality-based minimalist room? Or a solid sleigh bed frame is what helps you narrow down your choice? Whatever your choice may be, it’s best that your choice reflects your tastes.

Don’t Sleep on Style

As we mentioned earlier, contrary to what other buying guides will tell you, there is no one perfect bed frame that fits all bedrooms. Like the people that sleep in them, rooms can be quite varied.

Some are designed for large-size beds, while others are meant for low-profile rooms that have good sleeping space and little for anything else.

When buying a bed frame, the sleeper should always keep a picture of their bedroom in mind. No matter how high-quality your bed frame choice is, if it stands out like a sore thumb in your bedroom, it won’t feel and look right.

If you’re one of those who prefer their taste low-profile and unassuming, a gaudy bed frame with coloured upholstery that makes the eyes pop won’t work.

Another thing you need to keep in mind when picking a bed frame is the size of your room. Unlike other things in life, here, size (of your room) does matter. While you want a king-size bed frame to fit your opulent style, you can’t possibly exist in the small spaces left in your bedroom.

The best way to remain consistent with your style while still having enough storage space in your room is by utilising the dimensions of our bedroom to the fullest. Measure your required headboard to footboard area then you can start picturing whether a metal or wooden bed frame is your drift.

Get Bedhead Old School Style

bedhead old school style

As mentioned earlier, finding the perfect bed base or frame for your bedroom shouldn’t be done all willy-nilly. You may have a good quality bed to anchor your room, but if it doesn’t mesh with the rest of your aesthetic, then you’re not doing your eyes any favours.

If you’re not comfortable with the sleek and modern design of some metal bed frames, you can always go back to a traditional bed frame. No, we’re not talking only of a four-poster canopy bed complete with lace sheets and a creepy Victorian ghost (unless you’re going for a really gothic vibe!).

By old-school, we mean having a guest room or your own centred by a California king or double bed with a solid wood frame and slats. No matter the mattress size, a wooden bed frame gives off a traditional vibe that works well with other decorative pieces.

A traditional wood bed frame also often comes with some built-in storage. Whether you’re designing your kids’ room or yours, the extra storage under or on the sides of the bed gives rooms more space and lessens mobility issues possibilities.

Style With the Times

We talked about anchoring your room with a wooden queen-size or king bed to give it a Victorian look( see what we did there?), so now let’s visualise a room that has a modern vibe to it.

To start, recent trends lean on going more minimalist, which puts an emphasis on keeping your room decluttered and spacious. Nothing achieves that look more than with a good storage bed frame!

That means if you’re looking to go with a sleek, trendy bedroom, you’d have to cut down on knickknacks and other decors. You’d also want to pair your clinical bed frame with sheets that are colour-muted to give your room a singular look!

Welcome to the Rustic Parade

Earlier in this journey, about how a wooden bed frame can give your room a desirable traditional look, but it’s for those who crave a rustic sleeping area where these earthen frames take centre stage!

Pairing your wood-based frame with earth-coloured decors and rugs will give your room a relaxing brownish hue. Add some log cabin-esque decor to go all in on the earthen vibe!

Section 4: Rustic bedroom styles and recommended bed frame options

Make it Contemporary

While we mentioned how a minimalist approach could change your bedroom and bring it to the future, a contemporary style can be a bold return to form.

If you want to try out a more muted room style without delving too much into minimalism, going contemporary is your best bet. Pick coloured sheets that are pleasing to the eye and on the lighter side of the colour palette, like cream or white.

For your bed frame, both metal and wooden frames fit the contemporary mould, so there’s no wrong answer here.

Right Frame of Mind

We talk about various bedroom styles and the frames that you can try out for your own but in the end, the best pick will be the one that suits your taste and personality the best. Remember, your bedroom should be a sanctuary for relaxation and that’s true only if you truly make it your own.

That said, there are certain styles that you can’t go wrong with! Ecosa Bed Frames, Pick any one of those highlighted and you’re sure that your room won’t just be relaxing, it’ll be a head turner! For all your bed frame and other sleep essential needs, Ecosa’s got your back.

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