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8 Reasons To Switch To Bamboo Bedding

March 27, 2020   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Bamboo bedding is catching the attention of sustainable living lovers and interior style enthusiasts alike. But what is it that everyone’s loving about bamboo’s natural properties? If you’re on the fence, we’ve rounded up 10 reasons to switch to bamboo sheets. 

1. Antibacterial Properties

Bamboo’s gentle nature means it’s ideal for those with sensitive skin conditions, asthma and allergies. Many find switching to bamboo bedding improves allergy symptoms that have previously been exacerbated by manmade fibres. 

2. Buttery-Soft Feel

The ultra soft feel of bamboo sheets is what attracts a lot of people to make the switch from even the highest thread count cotton sheets. The smoothness of bamboo bedding makes hopping into bed a nightly treat. 

3. Hotel at Home

Bamboo fibres deliver that silky, luscious hotel feel from the comfort of your own home. You’ll get that luxury look night after night, and wash after wash. 

4. Less Water Use

Focused on sustainable living? You’ll love bamboo’s low-intensity production methods. Cotton sheets need 2,839 gallons per sheet to produce, while bamboo sheets require much less.

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5. Chemical and Pesticide Free

During its low water manufacturing, organic bamboo bedding is also free from harsh chemicals and pesticides. 

6. Breathability

Bamboo bedding is moisture wicking, meaning no more sweaty betty in bed. The breathable fibres and premium sateen weave make it the ultimate in breathable bedding. 

7. Cosy Yet Cool

Bamboo bedding’s naturally weighty feel contours to your body, keeping you cosy in winter and cool in the summer. 

8. Gentle on Skin and Hair

Bamboo is softer on skin and gentle on hair follicles, making bamboo pillowcases an excellent choice for those undergoing chemotherapy or treating another cause of hair loss.

Ready to make the switch? Shop Ecosa’s bamboo bedding range here. From sheet sets to pillowcases and quilt covers, your new sleep experience starts now.

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