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5 Reasons Why Natural, Organic Pillows Will Help You Sleep Better

September 30, 2022   By Danielle Herrera

If you want a solution to common pillow problems like neck pain and adequate support, or if you just want better sleep in general, natural, organic pillows may be the kind of bed pillows you need.

Natural, organic pillows have several advantages over your standard pillows. Aside from having premium, quality materials, green pillows are more hypoallergenic, eco-friendlier, healthier for sleepers, and feels cooler.

They are made from natural materials without the use of chemicals, and government and independent regulators make sure that so-called “organic” pillows are truly organic. Although they may cost a little more than your down alternative or microfibre pillows, but the long-lasting benefits of organic alternatives make the investment worth it.

What is an organic pillow?

Now, natural, organic pillows simply refer to pillows made from natural and organic materials. Production of these materials must also be chemical-free. So, for pillow fillings that include organic cotton, natural latex, buckwheat hulls, organic wool, and others, this means that the farmers grow the crops without the use of chemical pesticides. This all leads to sustainability since the farmers need less irrigation and throw out less waste too.

Why Australians Choose Organic Pillows

According to a survey by CouriersPlease, 87 per cent of Australian consumers will more likely choose ethically produced and sustainable products, suggesting that Australians have become more conscious with their product choices. There’s enough reason for the shift too since sustainable products tend to be more cost-effective.

Take organic pillows, for example. You not only save the environment when using green pillows, but you also enjoy other advantages too. These perks are as follows:

1. Quality natural materials

When you purchase an organic pillow, you will have a multitude of natural choices for the filling. These natural fillings tend to last and hold their fluff longer, and with proper care, can last for a lifetime. Because of the organic nature of these materials, you can also find top picks that mix different fillings such as down-feather pillows.

2. Hypoallergenic trait

Because of the natural characteristic of organic pillows, you also enjoy their hypoallergenic quality. They do a great job at keeping dust mites and mildew at bay. Plus, if you take good care of them, you can expect you or your family to be allergy-free for many years.

3. Healthier alternative

Remember when we said that organic pillows come from chemical-free production? This type of pillow becomes the healthier choice if you want to be free of cancer-linked chemicals. These chemicals are usually found in other pillow types like microfibre and down alternative. Sleepers who have sensitive noses to off-gassing will find relief if they switch to the greener and organic options.

4. More breathable

Also owing to their naturalness, organic pillows have unsurpassed air circulation. Air passes through much easily because the fillings have natural holes and spaces. If you’re a hot sleeper then, organic pillows will be much better for those sweaty nights.

5. Environmentally friendly

Last but definitely not the least, organic pillows are eco-friendly. You consume only natural and sustainable materials, which can easily be renewed. The organic production process prevents the use of harmful chemicals and minimizes the consumption of resources like water. Finally, if you want to dispose of organic pillows, they tend to be biodegradable.

Natural Materials that Make a Pillow Organic

With these advantages, how will you know which products are organic? First, you look at the material used inside. For the fillings, you can get latex pillows, wool pillows, down pillows, buckwheat pillows, kapok pillows, and cotton pillows.

In turn, you have different kinds of subtypes. You’ll find organic latex pillows in shredded latex and solid natural latex pillows, for example. You can also choose between Talalay latex or Dunlop latex pillows.

Secondly, you can look at the material for the pillowcase. Organic pillows, even organic cotton pillows, tend to have organic cotton covers. Pillow covers and pillow protectors can also be made of natural silk, organic bamboo, and organic flax linen.

“Natural” Does Not Necessarily Mean “Organic”

Now, take care not to confuse “natural” pillows with “organic”. “Natural” means natural materials that are biodegradable. However, they could have come from crops grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In addition, their end products may contain bleach, formaldehyde, chemical dyes, and chemical fire retardants. This is where certifications come in.

Certifications that Ensure a Pillow Is Organic

Thirdly, in identifying truly organic pillows, look for certifications. These independent organizations ensure that certain products truly are organic. Look for certifications like the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) for latex, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for organic fibre such as GOTS certified organic cotton.

Then, there’s GreenGuard certification to indicate that a product is low in volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions. You also have OEKO-TEX Standard 100 indicating that a product has chemical levels that are considered harmless to human health. Lastly, you have CertiPUR-US® certification which ensure foam pillows and other memory foam products were manufactures without harmful chemicals. It’s the certification that our Ecosa Pillow has.

Do Organic Pillows Cost More?

With these indications, you will know that a pillow is truly organic, and you can invest in one right now. The higher price points of these products will make sense if you look at all that it brings to your sleep.

Take note that organic pillows also cater to different sleep positions: back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers. You can also find soft pillows and hard pillows with organic materials. They can come in varying densities and sizes such as standard size pillow, travel pillow, and body pillow.

How Long Do Organic Pillows Last?

Organic pillows bring a lot to the table even at their price points. Even better when you look at how long they can last. When taken care of, down pillows, for example, can last for as long as five to ten years. Even the more affordable shredded latex pillows have higher durability than microfibre or down alternative pillows.

Try the organic, cooling Ecosa Pillow for 100 Days

As you see, organic is the way to go if you want better pillows in all aspects. You get premium eco-friendly materials with allergen-free, breathable, and healthy qualities. Plus, you get to enjoy all of those for many years when you take care of your organic pillow!

Try going organic with the Ecosa Pillow. It has CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam, so it was produced without using any harmful chemicals. It also has a washable cover with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. You can try it out, and within 100 days, you can return it for a full refund. But with its organic qualities, the Ecosa Pillow may become the best organic pillow for you.

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