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Level Up Your Living Room With A White Sofa Bed & Arm Chair

November 7, 2023   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Transforming your living space isn’t just about following trends; it’s about creating a cosy corner that speaks to your style and meets your needs. 

And what better way to freshen up your lounge or guest room than with the timeless appeal of a white sofa bed or white armchair? 

It’s like the classic white tee of interior design: simple, chic, and incredibly versatile. 

Let’s explore how white furniture can elevate your living room from just a space you pass through to your favourite part of the home.

Choose Your Vibe – White or Off-White? 

The first step when choosing your ideal sofa bed is deciding the type of white you want. White isn’t just white. It spans from the soft glow of oyster shell to the subtle richness of beige and off-white. 

Each shade of white has its own character, capable of either brightening a room with a crisp freshness or making it slightly richer and warmer. Choosing the right white for your space can make all the difference, giving you the power to set the perfect mood — whether you’re looking to create a sharp, modern contrast or a soft, inviting nook.

sydney sofa bed front view
Sydney sofa bed in oyster shell – a deeper, more off-white colour. 
sydney sofa bed front view
Vienna sofa bed in chalk – a lighter white. 

Styling Your White Sofa Bed

A white sofa bed is a great piece of furniture as it can adapt to any style with ease. Mix and match with cushions, throws, and rugs to instantly lift a room from ordinary to eye-catching. Layer plush textures for a cosy vibe or add a splash of colour with vibrant accessories to make the space feel alive.

sydney sofa bed front view
Rio sofa bed in papyrus. 

A white sofa bed isn’t just about looks, though. It serves as a bright spot in smaller or dimmer rooms, helping to reflect light and give the illusion of more space. And if you ever fancy a change, switching up the decor around your white sofa bed is simple and cost-effective. It’s the ultimate backdrop that can evolve with your taste and the seasons, always offering a fresh look with minimal effort.

A Nod to Comfort & Style With a White Arm Chair

Every living room needs an anchor, a comfy spot that’s exclusively yours. That’s where the white armchair comes in, the unsung hero of the living room set. It’s not just a seat; it’s a retreat. A good armchair invites you to take a moment for yourself, whether it’s to dive into a good book or enjoy a steaming cuppa.

Vienna armchair sofa in chalk. 

Pairing a white sofa bed with an armchair creates a harmonious balance. While white is known for its crisp, clean lines, it also brings an airiness to the room, making it appear larger and more inviting.

Styling Your White Sofa Bed & Arm Chair

So, how do you get the most out of your white furniture? It’s always fun to accentuate the white with colours that reflect your personality. Soft pastels for a touch of serenity, or maybe some bold hues for a dash of energy. 

sydney sofa bed front corner
Our max cushion in warm glow adds a pop of character against the Sydney sofa bed in oyster shell. 

Textures are also your friend here. Think velvety throws, knitted cushions, or even a sheepskin rug to introduce a tactile dimension.

sydney sofa bed front corner with pillow
Our max cushion in plum on the Sydney armchair sofa in oyster shell adds a beautiful contrast. 

Lighting plays a pivotal role as well. Soft, warm lighting will complement the white furniture, enhancing its inviting nature. Place a floor lamp next to your armchair to create a perfect reading nook or add LED strips beneath the sofa bed for a contemporary edge.

How to Clean White Furniture

Don’t let the fear of stains deter you from living your white furniture dreams.

A good fabric protector and a regular once-over with a fabric cleaner will do the trick for any grimy spots or stains. It’s all about regular maintenance to keep your whites looking crisp.

To keep your Ecosa white furniture looking its best:

  • Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources to prevent yellowing.
  • Use throws and covers, particularly on items that are used frequently.
  • Consider fabric protection sprays to provide a stain-resistant barrier.

Find Your Perfect White Sofa Bed & Armchair at Ecosa

Refresh your home with the clean, classic look of Ecosa’s white sofa bed and armchair collection.

Crafted with durable materials, our white furniture is built to last and easy to care for. They’re practical, versatile, and work beautifully in any setting, brightening your space with their simple elegance.

Elevate your interior with Ecosa’s essentials — where every piece is a blend of comfort and contemporary design. Shop our collection today and find that perfect white piece to complete your living area.


White Sofa Bed & White Armchair FAQs

Are Ecosa’s sofa beds easy to assemble?

Ecosa sofa beds are designed for hassle-free setup. Unfold and relax in under 2 minutes.

How fast is delivery on my new Ecosa sofa bed?

Receive your Ecosa sofa bed the next day in metro areas if ordered by 11:59 pm on weekdays, or within 1-7 business days in non-metro regions, with a potential $175 regional fee.

How heavy are the sofa beds?

The sofa beds come in several packages – which will depend on the sofa bed or armchair you choose. The Ecosa sofa bed packages range from 8kg to 56kg in weight. It’s a good idea to get a friend to help you do the heavy lifting! 

Are Ecosa’s sofa bed and armchair covers removable? 

Preserve your white sofa’s colour by avoiding sunlight, vacuuming with low suction, and blotting spills quickly without scrubbing or over-wetting to prevent stains, allowing it to dry away from direct light.

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