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What’s The Difference Between A Cot And A Bassinet?

February 25, 2021   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Getting your newborn baby to sleep is not as easy as you would expect. Babies are picky sleepers, sometimes able to doze off in weird positions but absolutely refuse to sleep in a cosy space. They sleep when they want to, not when you want them to, meaning less sleep for mum and dad.

That’s why choosing the right baby bed is a must for parents. It needs to be supportive and appropriate while still protecting your precious little one from harm. Their sleeping space should both be comfortable and safe.

Bassinets and cots are among the top choices for baby beds. However, their differences are substantial and distinct. Bassinets are smaller in size, averaging around 70 x 40cm. Bassinets can only be used until 6 months of age, or approximately 8kg weight. Cots are much larger, averaging at 130 x 69cm, and can grow with the baby, until about 4 years old.

To better understand their importance, let’s talk about the things to consider before making your choice.

What risks are those? For one, the likelihood of strangulation should be addressed. Your baby’s sleeping environment should allow them to move about without risk of choking or suffocation. 

Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is higher in the first 6 months of life. It’s hard to pinpoint what causes this fatal syndrome, although studies point towards genetics and sleeping conditions.

According to recent estimates, SIDS is one of the leading causes of infant mortality in Australia. Experts suggest that providing a safe sleeping space for your baby lowers the risk of SIDS.

Your baby’s sleeping position also plays a key role in ensuring their safety. Studies show that inadvertently allowing babies to lie face down is a contributor in infant mortality. 

Deciding on sleeping arrangements with a new baby in mind can be intimidating for parents, especially if said baby is the first in the family. To make your choice easier, let’s talk about cots and bassinets.

New parents have a lot of options to choose from, ranging from cradles to cots and bassinets. For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on the various pros and cons between bassinets and cots.

Don’t sleep on safety standards

One substantial difference between a cot and a bassinet is that as of writing, there are no safety standards in place when it comes to the latter. This means that there are no guidelines in choosing what kind or model of bassinet is safest.

When choosing the right bed for your baby, safety should be your foremost consideration. The fact that there is no measure with which to judge bassinets makes it riskier than a cot.

There is a higher risk of falling out of a bassinet or a suffocation hazard present in comparison to cots, which must meet AS/NZS standards to be sold across Australia and New Zealand.

Red Nose Australia, the leading organisation which aims to reduce infant mortality, suggest cots as the safer option. 

Bassinets might seem super convenient and easy of use, but cots are the superior choice when it comes to functionality. The larger space allows for less obstructions and will last a longer time. 

Cots and costs

Moving on to the practical side of things, cots are infinitely more wallet-friendly than a bassinet. 

Bassinets can only be used for a certain amount of time, namely starting when a baby is 3 to 6 months old. After that your baby’s too big for one. Essentially, you get to use it for a maximum of 6 months.

Weight limits are also a factor when choosing a bassinet. Babies, especially in their 3 to 6 months stage, tend to grow rapidly. Chances are a well-fed infant might outgrow said limit even before hitting 6 months of age.

Simply put, your baby will outgrow a bassinet fast.

Cots, however, can accommodate older babies with ease and for longer periods, ensuring comfort and safety all throughout their development. That alone makes cots the more cost-effective investment in the long run. 

While it’s best not to skimp on your baby’s needs, money doesn’t grow on trees. That’s why making the practical choice, taking into consideration and length of use is necessary. 

The importance of a good mattress

Not all cots are made equal, and the same goes for cot mattresses. The Ecosa Cot Mattress is also manufactured in compliance with the AS/NZS Voluntary Standard, ensuring safety and comfort for your little one and your peace of mind through the night.

Going beyond prescribed standards, the cot mattress features an innovative core that blends comfort and firmness to guarantee to support your baby throughout the night.

Whether you’re ready to set your baby up in their own room or room-sharing is your preferred way, Ecosa’s Cot Mattress is a safe and functional choice, one you won’t lose sleep over.

Breathability matters

Babies are light sleepers and can be awakened by almost anything. To ensure that they sleep soundly through the night, parents need to be on top of everything, one of which is temperature.

Keeping your baby cool and comfortable enough while finding the perfect temperature is a test of balance. The biggest hurdle to cross is choosing a baby bed that allows for both without sacrificing safety.

Bassinets may offer a degree of breathability but the small dimensions makes it stuffy and prone to overheating, which can be dangerous for babies.

Cot mattresses offer superior breathability while maintaining safety measures put in place to ensure that your baby sleeps comfortably throughout the night.

Peace of mind 

There are a lot of factors to consider when a baby is in the house. They are bundles of joy that are both precious and fragile. That’s why protecting them from harm of any kind and ensuring their comfort are top priorities.

More often, parents want to keep their baby close while sleeping so they can regularly check on them. That’s one reason why bassinets and cot mattresses are the go to choices of new mums and dads.

However, the two aren’t equal and while the decision is still up to you, it pays well to keep these differences in mind. Keep in mind that if you choose a bassinet you’ll probably have to purchase a cot and cot mattress once they grow out of the bassinet, so maybe it’s best to skip that altogether. 

In the end, your baby’s comfort and safety is what matters and in providing them that, only the best will suffice. In that regard, we’ve got you covered with the Ecosa Cot Mattress.

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