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What To Look For When Buying A Bed Base

May 14, 2021   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Often overlooked, a bed base can be the difference between good sleep and long nights awake. That’s how important finding a good one is. With the right mattress and base combo, you’ll be sleeping like a baby.

There are numerous types of bed frames and bases in the market, making the task of picking the right one quite daunting. Good thing we know a thing or three about quality beds and quality sleep here at Ecosa.

To help you filter options, we’ve put together this buying guide, consisting of everything you need to consider before pulling the trigger on that new bed base.

Quality from Headboard to Footboard

Metal bed frames or bases used to be a popular choice in the past but today, wood is making a comeback. As a result, people are steadily embracing the natural wood aesthetic, but finding a good wooden base isn’t easy.

For one, poor wood quality leads to a porous, flimsy base with questionable durability.  Even if the material used is adequate, unlike cheap materials such as plywood, the craftsmanship poured into the creation of a wooden frame or base is also important. The design needs to be durable, and made to last. 

Perhaps that’s why some people prefer mass-produced metal frames, because they are so much cheaper. However, they can’t give you the earthy vibes that a carefully-crafted wooden base can. They also won’t last you very long.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t good wooden bed bases out there. The Ecosa Bed Base uses the highest quality American Timber, meaning it gives superior durability while retaining the authentic wood grain.

Does It Have Adequate Storage Space?

When shopping for the perfect bed frame or bed base, most people consider size, how it fits with other bedroom furniture, and the quality. But what some people forget about is storage space.

Space saving beds have been around for a while, particularly those annoying ones where you have to lift up the entire mattress and frame to store things underneath. The right bed base should have easy access to storage spaces.  Aside from added storage, these beds can help declutter any bedroom, removing the need for excess cabinets and giving a minimalist, sleek design.

The Ecosa Bed Base has a hidden storage shelf behind the headboard, allowing for functional and stylish design. It’s a great place to keep your glasses, or even photos and paintings.

The Ecosa Bed Base stands tall enough to be spacious underneath that you can store everything from rugs, spare duvets, or even a trundle bed for nights when you’ve got guests. Once you’ve experienced the wonders of a storage bed, you’ll appreciate the difference.

Check outCheck out: Ecosa’s Bed Base

Still and Quiet?

One common reason for sleep loss, aside from old, lumpy mattresses, are creaky bed frames or bases. What separates the best bed bases from the noisy ones? The answer lies with materials used.

Bad quality materials, whether that’s  the wood, the metal frame or box springs and slats, often leads to squeaky nights. When you’ve had a long, exhausting day, the last thing you want is a noisy bed.

Good thing that every Ecosa Bed Base, from single to super king size, comes equipped with quiet comfort, allowing you to toss and turn to your heart’s content without squeaks and creaks.

This is because of the high quality timber combined with carefully formulated metal inner frames and connectors. The Ecosa Bed Base is as silent as a whisper, so you’ll never be woken by creaks and squeaks again. 

No More Backaches

They say you never know what other people’s lives are like without walking in their shoes, well that also applies to back pain sufferers. It’s difficult to understand their condition without knowing what sleeping on their bed feels like. 

At Ecosa, we want everyone to get good sleep and one thing we’re sure of is getting a new mattress isn’t the only way to prevent your bad back from flaring up. Trust us, a different bed base works wonders too.

It’s all about the slats. Sprung slats to be exact. Compared to solid slats, sprung slats provide more cushioning and when combined with  a quality memory foam mattress, works miracles for backaches and other similar health problems. 

The Ecosa Bed Base comes with wooden sprung slats, designed to blend comfort and cushioning for all bed base and mattress sizes. So whether you’re in the market for a queen size or a super king, you’ll get quality sleep.

Hassle-Free Assembly

Another often overlooked aspect of bed base shopping is ease of assembly. The hassle of figuring out how to install a size king bed base in your bedroom isn’t worth it, especially when there are better choices out there.

Is there such a thing as an easy to install full-sized bed base?

The Ecosa Bed Base can be easily installed in under five minutes. Thanks to our easy-to-use interlocking mechanism, you can assemble it without tools in no time at all! You’ll be fast asleep before you know it.

Doesn’t Sleep on Eco-Friendliness

It’s hard to sleep with a guilty conscience, and knowing your new bed frame or base isn’t good for the environment is one that might haunt your dreams.

Finding the right base for your mattress that’s also good for the environment is no easy task. Most customers and retailers don’t prioritise sustainability and it shows. Why worry about how a bed base is made, as long as it works right?

At Ecosa, we value the environment as much as our customers. That’s why we source materials only from certified sustainable forests. It’s our duty to provide quality products without skirting our responsibility to the environment. 

Read more about how the Ecosa Bed Base is eco-friendly.

Does It Match Your Room’s Design?

Your bedroom should be a place for relaxation and calm. That means everything in it should be how you want it to be, from the drapes, rugs, and furniture. Much like your clothes, your room’s layout and aesthetic defines you.

That said, it’s hard to find a base that’ll fit a room’s theme, especially if there is an already established colour palette or design.

The Ecosa Bed Base might be the thing you need. Certain to match your bedside table with its wood grain finish, they come in two colours, walnut or ash, both designed to be pleasing to look at and a dream to lie down to. Plus the neutral colours work with any colour palette.

Race to Find the Best Bed Base

There are plenty of bed base options in the market today, covering all bed sizes and types, from canopy to four-posters. It’s easy to see why some people don’t think too much and just buy the first thing they see.

With this buying guide, we hope you got a good grasp of what to consider before going out and buying your own bed base. Don’t forget to consider any warranties or delivery fees. The Ecosa Bed Base is delivered free and within 4 hours if you live in a metro area, plus with a 5-year warranty, you can sleep with peace and mind. 

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