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Refresh Your Interiors For Spring With These 2021 Trends

October 13, 2021   By Ecosa Dream Writers

As the cold gives way to warmer weather, two words that you may or may not dread come to mind, depending on how much you love dusting. We’re talking about spring cleaning.

Spring makes it easier to move around, and let’s be honest; we tend to be lazier when it’s cold. It’s hard to think about chores and decorating ideas when you’re all bundled up in your doona.

Springtime is for cleaning and rearranging furniture in the house. However, flowers aren’t the only thing that blooms this season, as design ideas inspired by nature are also in season. Time to dust off that rug and breathe some new life into your home! 

Speaking of transformations, interior design trends can often feel like the blink-and-you’ll-miss-them kind. To save you the trouble (and the FOMO), we’ve compiled the best ones that’ll have you singing “Here Comes the Sun.”

Give Your Living Room Some Colour

Quick survey, what word do you associate the most with spring? Is it flowers? Please say flowers.

More specifically, tulips. Colourful and vibrant, these flowers will make any living space pop. Spring is the best time for floral patterns, so there’s no downside unless you’re allergic.

Other potted plants like succulents or hanging ceiling plants also fit, especially when placed in or near natural light. With your new pothos wall, prepare to drown in Instagram likes!

If plants aren’t your thing, you can still channel spring into your interior decor motifs.

Artworks with greenery are excellent alternatives. Pantone might have decided that 2021 is the year for ultimate grey but let’s go with warmer, pastel colours. 

Don’t vibe with paintings and sculptures? Go for coloured or stained glass ornaments as alternatives. Bring the Sistine Chapel into your living room.

Studies show that we spend a third of our day watching television in the living rooms. Make that binge session comfier by upgrading your upholstery game. Here’s how.

Dusting off sofas as part of your spring cleaning repertoire works. So does switching ordinary seat covers with more natural hues — and neutral couches for vibrant ones (like the green velvet kind we’re lusting after). If you can afford it, a new set will do wonders!

Trending home interior ideas include chubbier and bubble style sofa sets. And you know what we say: the curvier, the better! They give your living room more personality compared to angular seats, and they’re also comfier — no need to be a sucker for tradition. 

The sunken-in sofa is also popping up all over our feeds.

Think chunky seats are too much? Go with an ottoman for that exotic, Mediterranean feel. Set your eye on one with hidden storage, and you’ll never have to hide your junk under the bed again. Plus, your feet will appreciate the extra stretch room.

How about coffee tables? Take inspiration from the latest spring interior design trends with a few minor table hacks.

Remember those hardbound books you promised yourself you’d read? Display them here, and voila, conversation starters! You can also use spring-themed photography books;Southern European vibes are taking over right now, Mon Amie.

While we’re on the subject of tables, wood or plastic-based ones are so last season (literally). Tiled tables might appeal to both your tasteful and adventurous sides. Plus, tiles are easier to clean, whether it’s spring or not.

When it comes to their shape: low coffee tables are making a comeback. As well as mixed material designs, with wood and metal elements, tables with spherical legs and tessellated stone.

You can go all-in on the abstract motif by tossing artsy and quirky rugs under your coffee table. Turkish rugs provide a warm, eclectic atmosphere, perfect for game nights and dinner parties. Another rug favourite is the zig-zag pattern, flooding our Pinterest boards.

Living rooms are where families share quality time. Make those moments memorable and fresh by redecorating yours!

Bedroom Designs Anyone?

Bedrooms reflect the personality and taste of the owner. It’s where you spend most of your sleeping hours, and even when awake, it’s your go-to relaxation zone. That’s why there should always be room for improvement. 

Seashells are making a splash, and not only under the sea!

Choosing seashells as your theme means getting new pieces, but it’ll be worth it. A versatile, avant-garde design, they have found their way onto our throw pillows, lampshades and sheets. It’s worth making your room an extension of the Great Barrier Reef for all to sea, sorry, see. (The puns write themselves.)

You can also lean heavily on the spring theme by embracing an earthen motif. Leave the flowers in the living room and upgrade to a rattan bed frame — or rattan chairs and wall hangings — for a rustic, tropical feel. 

Experiment with fun and eccentric-shaped lamps to brighten your evening shenanigans.

Get in touch with your woodsy side with a mushroom lamp or fungi-themed pillows and wall art. For something more minimal, try a pleated lampshade or “fan lamp”.

These funky details are being incorporated into interiors more and more with the rise of maximalism. We know it’s called “spring cleaning”, but hey, you can still maintain clean surfaces while embracing the cluttercore aesthetic.

Minimalism asks you to cut down on knick-knacks and furniture, but with maximalism, you’re allowed to go all out! Time to let your quirky decor see some sunshine.

Coincidentally, some sunshine inside the bedroom won’t hurt. Let some inside yours by changing to sheer curtains for the perfect mix of airy, ethereal and natural lighting. 

And, of course, linen bed sheets are still going strong for the organic, chateau-style dream bedroom. Mix soft gelato colours like basil and rose because clashing bedding will make you feel like you’re on an Italian summer holiday.

New Season = New Kitchen 

We’re cooking up something for your kitchen and dining room, and it might be right up your alley

We’re sure you aren’t looking forward to dusting your kitchen cabinets and drawers, but you can endure chores easier when you have some art pieces to look at. This spring is a perfect time if you’re looking for a sign to put up that abstract print.

Remember our quick chat about tulips? Pair them with gorgeous ceramics to add some flair to your dining table. Don’t stop there, as you can incorporate bubble candles into the mix — this season’s statement piece.

DIY candles, anyone? Find a bunch of tutorials online, and you won’t have to spend a dime updating your interior design.

Your kitchen might get hot and stuffy while cooking, but that shouldn’t stop you from going with warm colours since they give off that sun-drenched cafe vibe that’s good both for you and your socials.

It never hurts to experiment with new flavours, whether food or decor. Add it to your springtime checklist!

Interior Design Styles And Outdoor Spaces

We’re stretching the definition of the word interior here, but these spring-inspired home decor trends for your garden or garage are too good to ignore!

Spring is the perfect time to spend outdoors, be it strawberry picking or a barbecue on weekends. Social gatherings can also be an outside affair which brings us to our next point.

Coffee tables can double as hangout spot *al fresco* when paired with comfy and artsy rugs. Add a throw and pillows to make it more chill. Either glass or wood works as long as it fits your spring motif. 

Aside from being there for practical reasons, you can also use your table for new hobbies and DIY activities. 

If you’re not so hot on the idea of candles and grass, outdoor lamps or string lights are your best bet.

Spring Decorating 101

Fads and trends come and go, just like the seasons, but good taste is forever, and so are the basics, like a good mattress or bedside table.

That said, it won’t hurt to change things up sometimes. It keeps your home’s aesthetic fresh and exciting! Keep in mind that you don’t have to break the bank to make your home look lovely.

Recycling and repurposing items and transforming them into something that fits your aesthetic is the best way to do spring cleaning.

Regardless of trends, home is where the heart is, so go with what feels right to you.

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