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Is It Normal To Sleep With Your Clothes On?

October 7, 2020   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Everybody has a preference for what they wear to sleep. Some people like different materials, or thick or thin clothing, or even wearing nothing at all.

There’s no rules for what is best to wear to bed. You should do what makes you comfortable and will help you get a good night’s sleep, whether that be wearing or not wearing clothes. 

It doesn’t matter what you wear to sleep, everything is completely normal! But there are some clothing items you should avoid.

In this article, we take a look at the best things to wear (or not to wear) during your sleep and how it differs from sleeping naked.

Are There Clothes That I Should Avoid Wearing While I Sleep?

Yes. Although clothing is completely preferential, there are certain kinds of clothing that you should avoid during sleep.

Here are a few items that you can avoid to improve your sleep quality:


While bras offer great support during the day, they’re not as useful when lying down and sleeping. In fact, there’s no need for that support when you’re in bed.

Wearing a bra to sleep can inhibit good blood flow and circulation in the area, and lying on your side while wearing one may also compress the breast tissue.

Underwire bras in particular do not work well with sleep.  The underwire can cause skin irritation, plus there can be plenty of discomfort from the wire digging in. 

The padding in bras can also be an issue, the lack of breathability leading to excess sweating throughout the night.

So, don’t wear a bra to bed, it’s uncomfortable and it isn’t good for you. Being braless during sleep is the way to go.

Tight-Fitting Underwear

It’s not unusual for men to wear briefs or tight boxers during sleep, like they would wear throughout the day.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing underwear during sleep, but it’s probably best to avoid your tighty whities. 

It’s the same as bras, wearing tight underwear can cause increased temperature and sweating in the area, which nobody wants.

Women should also choose loose-fitting underwear for sleeping, and also be particular about the material – cotton or bamboo are best because both are super breathable. 

Tight Outfits

There’s a reason why almost all the sleepwear that you see advertised are designed to be loose-fitting. Breathability and comfort are best when it comes to sleepwear.

Tight-fitting clothes can increase your core body temperature, which isn’t ideal for good quality sleep. More than that, when you wear tight clothes all the time, your normal blood flow may be restricted.

Also, avoid garments with tight waistbands and tight garters. These may cause discomfort and in some cases cause rashes and other skin-related irritations.

Dirty Clothes or Daytime Clothes

As unusual as it seems, some people don’t change clothes at all before they sleep. Maybe they were too exhausted to change or had a little too much to drink that night. It’s okay, we don’t judge, but it’s a habit that should be avoided.

You should avoid wearing your dirty outside clothes in bedg. Not only is it uncomfortable and less breathable, but it can also be unhygienic since the dirt from the outside world is coming with you to bed.

Apart from the hygiene factor, having a lot of skin contact throughout the night may cause skin problems. So it’s best to always remove your dirty clothes before you go to bed. Even if you’re tired and don’t want to. Your skin will thank you. 

What Are the Clothes That Are Okay to Be Worn in Bed?

Pyjamas or Nightgowns

Pyjamas, or “PJs” were created to be your sleep clothes, only worn in the confines of your home. The designs and materials for PJs are usually chosen for ultimate comfort and breathability. Nightgowns in particular are a great option for summer, being light and flowy.

But not all PJs are created equally. Ensure that you’re picking a set that fits loosely and allows for comfortable movement as you sleep.

The material of your pyjamas and nightgowns also play an important role in your comfort. Select natural and breathable fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, silk, or linen.

By selecting one of these options, you won’t get overly hot or sweaty in your sleep and your core body temperature won’t increase, which will help in getting that deep, restful sleep.


You either love wearing socks to bed, or think it’s the most insane idea out there, there’s no in between. A lot of people enjoy wearing socks while sleeping. Some people find comfort in wearing them, for some people it gives them security, and some people might just get cold feet. 

There is no right or wrong here, however some studies point out that wearing socks to sleep can help you relax better, lower your blood pressure, and allows you to fall asleep quicker, which we know can be a struggle for some. 

Just be sure that the socks you wear aren’t too thick or compressive. Nobody likes waking up with sweaty feet.

Clean Clothes

Sleepwear isn’t limited to just pyjamas. You can wear whatever you like, keeping in mind to go for non-restrictive clothing, such as a t-shirt and a pair of loose-fitting shorts.

Wear Your Birthday Suit

What we haven’t mentioned yet is that clothing in bed is optional.  Some people prefer to wear clothes, some people just wear their underwear, and some people enjoy going commando.It all depends on personal preference.

Sleeping in your birthday suit is great, and there are plenty of advantages to it. Less laundry? Check. Not feeling restricted or getting tangled up in your clothes and sheets? Check. Stay cool and breezy? Check. If you feel comfortable sleeping in the nude, then continue doing you! It all comes down to what works best for you.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong for wearing clothing or sleepwear to bed. Sleeping is a time for you to relax, rest, and recover, so it’s best to do what will make you the most comfortable.

If you’re used to sleeping with clothes on, then keep doing that! Just be mindful of what you wear during your sleep, and if it’s restrictive, get rid of it!

And if you want to try sleeping in your birthday suit, by all means, give it a go. You might enjoy it, and maybe your partner might like it too.

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