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How Sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase Can Improve Your Skin and Hair

April 30, 2021   By Jennifer Cook

Your skin and hair need beauty sleep to be kept smooth and glowy. But did you know a silk pillowcase could be a significant boost to your daily beauty routine? Why spend a ton of money on beauty products like serums and anti-aging creams when high-quality real silk can give you the same benefits?

Here are some beauty benefits and secrets that can wow your dermatologist on your next visit!

Silk Benefits on the Skin

Being the smoothest natural fibre on the planet, silk significantly reduces the friction between the textile and your skin.

Many skin problems, including acne, crease, sensitivity, redness and dryness, are caused or amplified by pressing and rubbing the skin against the rough textiles of a pillowcase throughout the night.

Among the benefits of a silk pillowcase that most board-certified dermatologists praise is this fabric’s absorbent and hydration control qualities. Less moisture means minimal risk of breakouts and, eventually, smoother skin.

When you switch from a regular pillowcase to a silk one, you’ll immediately notice your skin gliding on the smooth surface rather than rubbing against it. Due to the minimal friction between the silk and the skin, a silk pillowcase does not create any damage to delicate facial skin.

This means sleepers don’t have to avoid pressing or squishing their face into the pillow and can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep in any position they feel the most comfortable with, without worrying about waking up with sleep creases on their face.

Besides minimum friction, quality silk pillowcases are also hypoallergenic, allowing people with sensitive skin to also benefit from this beauty sleep secret weapon. Dirt and germs can quickly accumulate on cotton and polyester pillowcases and trigger allergic reactions, whereas silk is the most resistant to dust and other allergens.

Silk pillowcases can also be the go-to product for dehydrated facial skin.

The smooth, breathable texture of silk pumps your skin with oxygen and retains moisture in the skin.

For skin prone to redness, silk pillowcases help keep the skin at a constant temperature, being warm and cosy in winter and calmingly cool in hot weather. Silk is a natural temperature regulator and can soothe redness or hot flashes and keep dry skin moisturised.

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Silk Benefits on the Hair

The most notable perk is maintaining soft and shiny hair during sleep. Say the long-awaited goodbye to bed head when you get a silk pillowcase because the smooth texture and minimal friction mean less frizz and breakage. Your hair stylist might end up asking you for tips!

A silk pillowcase can reduce and prevent split ends caused by friction and dryness, and your hair will be as soft as a baby’s with your blowout hairstyle still in good shape even after a long night’s sleep. No more frizzy hair!

So instead of spending money on expensive skincare and hair-care products, why not invest in a set of silk pillowcases to transform your skin and hair overnight? Less friction and hair breakage paired with excellent comfort? Count us in!

Look at the Ecosa machine-washable silk pillowcase – it’s three times more durable than most silk products on the market. (FIND OUT WHY: ‘A Guide to Washing Your Silk Pillowcases’)

These 25 momme mulberry silk pillowcases are worth the investment as they are durable and will surely last as long as you need them!

Here’s to a pampering and luxurious sleeping experience without a hefty price tag.

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