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How Ecosa Selects the Highest Grade Wood for Our Bed Bases

May 15, 2020   By Ecosa Dream Writers

The Ecosa Bed Base was designed with forever in mind. Built solid, means built for life. For that reason, we chose to use top grade American Ash wood for our bed base, to ensure premium quality that’ll stand the test of time. That’s the same tough stuff used to make baseball bats.  

But what do we mean when we say quality? Let’s explore what wood grades really mean, and how Ecosa wood differs from others on the market.

Wood Grade

All woods have different grades. When manufacturing the Ecosa bed base, we carefully select FAS grade American Ash wood. FAS stands for first and second, but that’s not to mean the wood is first and second in terms of quality. For example, 2C grade refers to the leftover wood material that has the most chromatic aberrations and knots. 1C grade refers to the ‘average’ grade of the wood type, where some parts look perfect, while others less so. From here, AB grade wood is derived, which is wood that has acceptable flaws, while also having knots and chromatic aberrations. 

To obtain our FAS grade wood, we choose the best parts of the 1C grade wood, to ensure we get all the A wood and none of the B wood! It’s like pick-and-mix to source the very best wood with the least knots and chromatic aberrations. 

Some furniture companies will use lower grade wood, but cosmetically enhance them by applying a sticker over the top to mask any visual flaws, making it look like FAS quality. Ecosa is committed to sourcing the best wood possible, and passing a reasonable price point onto you via our streamlined online business model. 

What else makes Ecosa wood superior to others on the market?

Solid wood vs plywood

Another trick some manufacturers will use is to call their products ‘solid wood’, when it’s in fact plywood. Plywood is made by gluing together very thin sheets of wood to form a thicker plank. Unlike solid wood which is one solid piece, plywood is built up with layers, making it lighter in weight and far less durable.

Pattern and grain

High grade solid wood delivers the true, original wood grain and perfectly natural pattern that real quality wood is all about. 

Strength and durability

The weighty feel of high grade solid timber is a sign of its strength. There’s a reason they use this stuff to make baseball bats! While cheaper, lower quality bed frames may weaken or bow over time, solid high grade wood will stand the test of time without losing its strength or look. 

FSC Certified 

The wood used to make the Ecosa bed base is Forestry Stewardship Council certified, ensuring it is always sustainably and fairly sourced. Our American Ash wood is sourced from responsible forests, that provide environmental, social and economic benefits through operation. Read more about the FSC guidelines that certified businesses must abide by here. 

A great price straight to you

Wood of the style, certification and grade that we use in the Ecosa bed base would traditionally be substantially more expensive. By skipping the fancy showrooms and on-site sales staff, we pass on premium quality wood furniture to you at an affordable and accessible price. 

View the Ecosa bed base here.

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