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Ecosa Answers: Best Mattress for Heavy Person in Australia

May 7, 2024   By Clarisa Mcdonald

While there are a lot of good mattresses in Australia, many are not designed for people with a heavier than average body weight. So if you weigh north of 100kg, it’s inevitable to experience certain “hindrances” with mattresses designed for the average person.

But fret not! There are high-quality mattresses designed for different people of different shapes and sizes. You just have to find that particularly good mattress that will address your needs.

Many factors must be carefully considered when looking for that new mattress- from the weight limit and size to the thickness and type of material. And if you feel like trying it out first, there are quality mattress brands that will allow you to do so with long sleep trial periods and a warranty.

We hope these general recommendations and guidelines help you as you look forward to experiencing the best possible support while you sleep without worrying about limitations. 

Weight Limit and Thickness

Be mindful of mattress weight limits for pressure relief and longer lifespan as most standard mattresses are designed to support the average weight, even with a support foam. Therefore, it’s essential to look for mattresses that can withstand at least 105 kilos (230 pounds).

If the mattress needs more weight to support, then you should consider getting a thicker mattress as it has a better capability to contour to your body shape and therefore provide even support while helping you avoid bottoming out. Thick, high-density mattresses can do this without reaching maximum compression.


Soft mattresses may not be suitable for heavier people. Since a heavier body sinks further into a mattress, a firm or medium-firm mattress with minimal cushioning layers and a robust support system will offer more resistance and support to someone with a heavier bodyweight. 

It’s quite usual to go for the softer mattress. But firmness level matters. Generally, the heavier you are, the firmer you need. Going for the firmest one may also work but that will depend on your preference.

NEW MATTRESS ALERT: Our extra firm Align Firm Mattress is our firmest mattress yet. Get the support you’ve always wanted for a sold night’s sleep with the Align Firm Mattress.

Type of Material

One of the ways to manage back pain is to help maintain the spine’s alignment. This relies heavily on the core construction and support of the mattress.

So no matter your shape and sleeping position, whether you are among the back sleepers crew, the side sleepers lot, or the stomach sleepers squad, a mattress with good support will get you covered.

The mattress’ core is the spring or foam component that forms a mattress’ main structure. Mattresses specifically designed for heavier people also provide cooling technology that helps dissipate heat and ensures you stay comfy while you sleep.

The question is, which one can better support a heavy bodyweight and have better airflow? Is it a spring mattress, a foam mattress, or a hybrid mattress? 

1. Spring

When it comes to cushioning and support, traditional spring mattresses don’t do a great job of conforming to your body. The springs linked together are also not up to par with isolating movement, resulting in partner disturbance and it even has the potential of becoming noisy. 

Although it may be less durable and wear out more quickly than foam, innerspring mattresses provide excellent temperature control.

A good bed for heavy people would be one with more coils and we have to thank progress with the invention of the pocket-spring or pocket-coil mattresses. They’re better than the traditional ones with metal coils or springs, each wrapped in fabric. Pocket spring beds allow the coils to respond to the shape and weight applied to them.

2. Foam

Foam can be produced in a wide array of firmness levels. This ranges from very soft to very firm. However, since foam is a dense mattress material, it traps body heat, which is not good. 

Latex mattresses provide good support and are more durable than other options. Natural latex also has good temperature control, making you less likely to get too hot while sleeping.

Memory foam layers are designed to contour to your body and provide pressure relief by compressing and moulding your shape. It’s good for the lower back. However, this is not good for heavier people due to its tendency to become too soft and not provide enough support over time unless it’s supplemented with a high-density foam support layer, just like the Ecosa Mattress.

3. Hybrid

A Hybrid Mattress has the best of both worlds. It contains an innerspring core with a foam top layer in different degrees of firmness. This extraordinary combination of the strengths of an innerspring mattress and the features of high-density foam is suitable for heavier people. 

A hybrid is also softer than spring without foam’s “sinking” feeling and can offer pressure point relief without compromising back support. In addition, it can typically be quieter than spring mattresses. Should you go for a hybrid with adjustable firmness then you should check out the Ecosa Pure mattress.

The Ecosa Pure Mattress

Finding that one comfortable mattress that gives you the overall snugness you need can be daunting with all the available mattresses. But all you have to do is follow these guidelines!

For weight limit, remember that the heavier it can carry, the better. It is also ideal to have a thickness of at least 29cm with a medium-firm or firm firmness level. Temperature regulation should also be considered, so it is best to opt for hybrid mattresses with temperature regulation. 

The Ecosa Pure Mattress perfectly fits the requirements for heavy persons based on the previously mentioned features. It will help address a heavy person’s typical issue with back pain or partner disturbance. Check out its features!

  • Weight Limit: 300kg (150kg per side)
  • Thickness (Depth): 29cm
  • Firmness: Adjustable to medium-firm or firm
  • Construction: Hybrid – Removable and washable OceanCycled™ Cover, BounceTech™ 3cm comfort layer, 75D Talalay Latex Foam (medium), 2,000 individual 2.5cm micro coils, Adaptive 3cm 90D Talalay Latex Foam (medium-firm), Recycled Felt, 20cm 7 Zone Pocket Springs, 1cm Reinforced Dunlop Latex Layer
  • Temperature Regulation: Very Good
  • Sizes: King Size, Queen Size
  • Sleep Trial: 100-Night Trial
  • Warranty: 15-Year warranty

The Ecosa Pure Mattress even goes beyond the typical 10-year warranty. Not to mention the awesome customer reviews that prove its value for money. 

Its mattress cover is a removable OceanCycled™ cover made from 80 plastic bottles. All you have to do is simply zip the top off and pop it into your washing machine. It’s all you could ever ask for.

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