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Choosing the Best Timber Bed Frame for Your Room

March 14, 2024   By JM Carpiso

A bed frame is important furniture in a bedroom, supporting your mattress and adding style. Timber bed frames are popular for their strength, flexibility, and natural look. There are many options to choose from, so it can be hard to pick the best one for your room. This article will help you learn about different types of timber bed frames and find the perfect one for your space.

Types of Timber Bed Frames

Reclaimed Timber Bed Frame

A reclaimed timber bed frame is made from wood that has been salvaged from old buildings, barns, or other structures. This type of bed frame is environmentally friendly and adds a unique rustic charm to your bedroom. Reclaimed timber bed frames are often handcrafted and can come in various styles, from simple and modern to ornate and traditional.

Solid Timber Bed Frame

A solid wood bed frame is made from a single piece of wood, providing a sturdy and durable foundation for your mattress. This type of bed frame is often made from hardwoods such as oak, maple, or cherry and can come in various finishes to match your bedroom decor. Solid timber bed frames are known for their longevity and can be passed down for generations.

Timber Slat Bed Frame

A timber slat bed frame is made from multiple wooden slats that are connected to a frame, providing support for your mattress. This type of bed frame is popular for its affordability and versatility. Timber slat bed frames can come in various styles and finishes, making it easy to find one that fits your style.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Timber Bed Frame


The size is the first thing to consider when choosing a timber bed frame. You want to ensure that the bed frame fits your mattress and leaves enough space in your room for other furniture and movement. Standard sizes for timber bed frames include single, double, queen, and king. If you have a larger room, you may also consider a California king size bed frame.


Timber bed frames come in various styles, from traditional to modern. Consider the overall aesthetic of your bedroom and choose a bed frame that complements it. A simple and sleek timber bed frame may be the best choice if you have a minimalist bedroom. A reclaimed timber bed frame may be the perfect fit for a more rustic or traditional bedroom.


When it comes to timber bed frames, the type of wood used can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the frame. Hardwoods such as oak, maple, and cherry are known for their durability and can add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Softwoods like pine and cedar are more affordable and can add a cosy and rustic feel to your space.


Timber bed frames can cost from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Setting a budget before you start shopping is important to avoid overspending. Remember that a higher price doesn’t always mean better quality, so do your research and read reviews before making a purchase.


Some timber bed frames come pre-assembled, while others require assembly at home. If you’re not handy or don’t have the time to put together a bed frame, look for one that comes pre-assembled or with easy-to-follow instructions. Pre-assembled bed frames may be more expensive, but they can save you time and hassle in the long run.

Additional Features

Some timber bed frames have additional features such as built-in storage, headboards, or footboards. These features can add functionality and style to your bed frame but may also be more expensive. Consider your needs and preferences when deciding if these additional features are worth the extra cost.

Maintenance and Care

Teenage woman in a grey t-shirt and jeans arranging the duvet on a bed, viewed from the end of the bed towards the headboard and purple wall

To ensure your timber bed frame lasts for years to come, it’s important to properly maintain and care for it. Here are some tips to keep your bed frame in top condition:

  • Dust and clean your bed frame regularly with a soft cloth or duster.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on your bed frame.
  • If your bed frame is finished, use a wood cleaner or polish to maintain its shine.
  • Check for any loose screws or joints and tighten them as needed.
  • Avoid placing heavy objects on your bed frame, which can cause damage over time.

Where to Buy a Timber Bed Frame

When it comes to purchasing a timber bed frame, there are several avenues you can explore to find the perfect fit for your bedroom aesthetic and budget.

1. Furniture Stores

Go to furniture stores that sell bedroom furniture. They have many wooden bed frames in different styles and sizes. The store staff can help you find the right bed frame for you.

2. Online Retailers

Check out online stores like Ecosa for timber bed frame options. You can find different styles and prices on these websites. Read reviews, compare prices, and get your bed frame delivered to your house easily.

3. Secondhand Shops

If you want to save on your bed frame, you should visit thrift stores or secondhand furniture shops in your area. You may find good quality and cheap timber bed frames there. Look for pieces that match your style and are in good condition. You can get a good deal on a used bed frame.

4. Antique Stores

Antique stores have old, special wooden bed frames that never go out of style. They have detailed designs and are well-made, making your bedroom look unique. Prices can be different based on how rare and good the bed frame is, but buying a high-quality antique can improve the feel of your bedroom.

5. DIY

Interested in making your own timber bed frame? There are lots of tutorials and plans online to help you. Making your own bed frame lets you be creative and make it just how you want it.

Consider quality, size, and design when buying a timber bed frame. Make sure it complements your bedroom and is comfortable for sleeping. Enjoy shopping!

Things to Consider When Buying a Wooden Bed Frame

1. Read Reviews

Before you buy a wooden bed frame, read customer reviews for information on quality, durability, and overall satisfaction. Pay attention to construction, sturdiness, assembly, and customer service.

2. Compare Prices

Wooden bed frames can cost differently depending on the type of wood, craftsmanship, brand, and extra features. Compare prices at different stores or online to get the best deal. Remember that a cheap price may not mean good quality, so consider durability before buying.

3. Consider The Return Policy

Make sure you know the store’s return policy before buying online. Look for how long you must return the bed frame and how to do it. Also, see if you must pay any fees for returning the item.

4. Check Warranty Information:

Check the warranty for the wooden bed frame. This can help protect you from any problems with the materials or how it was made. Make sure to look at how long the warranty lasts and what it covers. You may also have the option to pay more for extra protection. Think about if this is worth it for you.

To ensure you choose the right wooden bed frame, read reviews, compare prices, check the return policy, and review the warranty information. This will help you pick a bed frame that is good quality, will last a long time, and make you happy.

Get Yourself a Timber Bed Frame

A timber bed frame can make your bedroom look nice and useful. Think about how big you want it, what style you like, what it’s made of, and how much you want to spend. Take care of your bed frame so it stays in good condition for a long time. A good wooden bed frame can make your bedroom feel comfy and trendy.

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