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Bed or Sofa: Get Both with the Rio Sofa Bed

March 21, 2022   By Danielle Herrera

The comfort that sleepers need from their beds may also be needed in any living space at home. That’s why we made the Rio Sofa Bed and the Rio Ottoman for complete living comfort.

  • The Rio Sofa Bed transforms from a sofa to a comfy bed in seconds.
  • It’s made from recycled and eco-friendly materials for a positive impact on the environment.
  • Pair the Rio Sofa Bed with the Rio Ottoman to make the most out of your lounge furniture.

Sit or sleep: The Rio Sofa Bed has you covered

If you loved our bestselling memory foam mattress, we made a sofa for your living room or any other spare room you have to match your favourite Ecosa Mattress in the bedroom. You may have a game room, a man cave, or a guest’s room, and the Rio Sofa Bed will fit right in. The sofa has square arms and grid tufting for its seat cushions. It has clean and minimalist upholstery that can match almost any room design. You can also choose between dark grey, light grey, and beige for the sofa colours.

As for the cushioning, the Rio Sofa Bed offers medium-firm support much like the Ecosa Mattress. This is ideal for sitting down and lying down. In its bed form, the Rio Sofa Bed holds up your lumbar area, aligning your spine and providing maximum comfort. You can sleep or lounge around without lower backaches surprising you later.

From sofa to bed in 10 seconds

With the Rio Sofa Bed, you can read, play video games, binge-watch Netflix shows or movies, or hang out with friends and family in comfort. It comes in either a 3-seater or a 2.5-seater format. It’s the perfect size for small families or single adults.

When you want to relax even more, you can easily transform the sofa into a bed in 10 seconds. One person can easily do it alone. The modular sofa changes with a simple pull-out functionality without the help of any metal parts. Because of the lack of metal parts, the bed eliminates squeaks that usually results from bad design.

To change the sofa into the bed, just lift the back rest of the sofa, pull it out along with the seat, and lay it on the floor. Add some pillows and now you have a bed. You can lounge around as you read a book, watch TV with friends, or have a sleepover.

The 2.5-seater format pulls out to be a double bed, while the 3-seater pulls out to be something in between a king and queen size bed. Regardless of the size, the Rio Sofa Bed pulls out perfectly to fit under any of Ecosa’s flat sheets. You can choose between Ecosa’s Flax Linen Bedding or Bamboo Bedding, both of which provide ultimate softness.

How to get your Rio Sofa Bed in Australia and assemble it quick

As easy as the Rio Sofa Bed transforms from sofa to bed, you can easily have it delivered to your doorstep for free. If you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, or Adelaide, you can get your Rio Sofa Bed after four hours. In other locations, you can expect a delivery period of two to seven days.

When you get your product, you’ll enjoy a 100-night trial to see if the Rio Sofa Bed is for you. You also get a five-year limited warranty.

To assemble the sofa bed, you need zero tools; you’re good to go with just yourself. Now, the sofa bed will come in two boxes: one contains the arms, while the other contains the main body. Now, you’ll see four screws that will be the feet of the sofa. Screw these on at the base of the main body. Next, you’ll see hinges on your armrests and main body; line these up and slide down to lock the armrests into place. And you’re done! Assembly will only take around five minutes.

Eco-friendly features that make the Rio Sofa Bed a sustainable piece of furniture

The design, easy functionality, and appearance of the Rio Sofa Bed are not the only features to be proud of. The entire sofa bed is also made from sustainable or recycled materials. You may feel peace knowing that the Rio Sofa Bed has a positive impact on the environment.

First off, the fabric of the sofa bed comes from collected plastic water bottles polluting the ocean. The bottles are cleaned and processed into recycled polyester which now wraps houses the Rio Sofa Bed. The 3-seater format uses around 400 plastic water bottles, while the 2.5-seater uses around 300 plastic water bottles.

Secondly, the Rio Sofa Bed uses zippers made from recycled materials. It’s an eco-friendlier option than just ordinary zippers, and it comes with a Global Recycled Standard certificate too. Take note, however, that the covers attached to these zippers are not removable for washing.

Thirdly, the boxes of the Rio Sofa Bed are closed and secured by compostable packing tape. It’s a plastic-free tape that can degrade if you dispose of it outside.

Lastly, the wood frame of the bed is Forest Stewardship Council-certified. This certification means that the wood was ethically sourced from forests that are sustainable managed. The FSC certification is the gold standard of ethically sourced lumber.

Add more lounge comfort with the Rio Ottoman

You get comfort and eco-friendly features in the Rio Sofa Bed, but you can enjoy even more with its companion, the Rio Ottoman. When you have the Rio Sofa Bed in its sofa form, you can put your feet up on the Rio Ottoman and relax in your living space.

The ottoman comes with the same look style and colours as the sofa bed. It’s also made from the same recycled products—around 50 plastic water bottles for its cover. No more assembly is required for the ottoman.

Comfort in the bedroom and in the living room

With the Ecosa Mattress, you can have comfortable sleep in the bedroom. Now, with the Rio Sofa Bed and Rio Ottoman, it’s possible to enjoy the same comfort when you’re awake. Your daytime activities may be much less stressful and much more cosy when you have the Rio Sofa Bed and Rio Ottoman supporting your back, whether you lie down or you sit up.

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