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Is Your Mattress Too Firm? 6 Ways to Adjust to a Firm Memory Foam Mattress

October 3, 2023   By Clarisa Mcdonald

So – you’ve taken the plunge and invested in a new memory foam mattress. Now, you lie down and realise it might be a bit firmer than expected. Before you panic, remember: a firm mattress can be incredibly beneficial for your health. But if you’re finding it tough to adjust, there are several ways to make your bed feel just right.

Below, we’re offering some 6 hacks for adjusting to a firm mattress. Trust us, once you push through and get your body adapted to sleeping on a firm mattress, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

6 Tips for Adjusting to Your New Memory Foam Mattress

Tips for Adjusting to Your New Memory Foam Mattress

Check Your Bed Frame / Sleep Foundation

The foundation of your new bed plays a huge role in your sleep quality. If your mattress feels too firm, it might be because of how it’s supported. Tightening the spacing of slats or incorporating a box spring might be your ticket to a softer mattress feel.

Tweak the Thermostat in Your Bedroom

Your body heat and the surrounding temperature can significantly affect the firmness of your mattress. Memory foam, in particular, is sensitive to these changes. So, if things feel a tad too stiff, adjusting your bedroom’s thermostat can influence the firmness level of the mattress. It’s a little trick that can make your firm mattress softer.

Be Patient: Allow a Break-In Period for Your Mattress

Every new bed takes time to adjust to. The more you sleep on your mattress, the more your sleep surface will start to adapt to your contours, enhancing comfort and improving sleep quality.

Also, most mattress companies these days offer a sleep trial period so you can test the mattress for 100 nights or more before you commit, which is great for peace of mind.

Add a Mattress Topper for Softness

If you’re looking to amplify the comfort layer without switching out your mattress, consider a mattress topper. This addition can make your firm sleep surface feel softer, nudging the overall comfort up a notch.

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Flip Your Mattress

One of the unique features of the Ecosa Mattress is its adjustable firmness level. Every person has their preferences on mattress firmness, which is why our popular Ecosa mattress allows you to choose between medium, medium-firm and firm.

Try the firmest setting on your first couple of nights and see how you go. If your body doesn’t adjust after a week, flip the mattress again to the medium-firm setting, then onto the medium. Trying out different adjustments allows you to find the best mattress firmness for your body type and for your preference.

Why a Firm Mattress is Good for You

Why a Firm Mattress is Good for You

Is a firm mattress the best mattress for you? In most cases, a firm mattress is the ideal type of mattress for most sleepers. However, your preferred sleeping position will also play some part in the best mattress firmness for your needs (back and stomach sleepers will benefit most from a firm mattress).

Here are just some of the benefits of sleeping on a firm mattress:

  • Spinal Alignment: A firm mattress offers better support, especially for back sleepers. It ensures your spine remains aligned, reducing the risk of waking up with lower back pain.
  • Reduced Pressure Points: With fewer pressure points, you can bid adieu to those aching joints. A firm bed distributes your body weight more evenly, leading to better pressure relief.
  • Durability and Lifespan: Firm mattresses, like hybrid mattresses and innerspring mattresses, often have a longer lifespan than their softer counterparts.
  • Optimal for Diverse Body Types: Whether you’re petite or have a heavier body weight, a firmer mattress caters to a wider range of body types, ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Firm Mattress FAQs

Can a mattress topper make my too-firm mattress feel softer?

Absolutely! A mattress topper, especially a memory foam mattress topper, adds an extra layer of cushioning to your bed. So if you’re finding your new mattress a tad on the hard side, a soft mattress topper can be a lifesaver. It can transform that rock-solid feel into a cloud-like softer bed.

I’m a side sleeper, and my mattress feels like I’m sleeping on the floor. Any suggestions?

For side sleepers, a medium-firm mattress often does the trick as it provides adequate cushioning for those shoulders and hips. However, if you’re not in the market for a new mattress just yet, consider adding a pillow top. It’s an easy way to get that desired softness without committing to a whole new mattress.

Stomach sleepers vs. side sleepers: Is there a type of mattress that suits both?

While side sleepers often benefit from a bit of extra cushioning, stomach sleepers might prefer something on the firmer side. That said, a top mattress that’s medium-firm can be a good middle ground, catering to both sleeping positions.

Do mattress toppers promote better sleep?

Memory foam mattress toppers are quite popular because they’re temperature sensitive, contouring your body and providing optimal comfort – and ultimately providing a good night’s sleep. If you want a slightly plush feel, a soft mattress topper or even a pillow top might be what you’re after.

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