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The Surprising Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

November 23, 2020   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Spring is a season of renewed life, sunshine, and abundant colour. People enjoy blooming flowers of all kinds, trees in full green, and new beginnings. It’s also the season we associate with cleaning – you’ve probably heard the term “spring cleaning” been thrown around a lot.  

In these trying times, clutter, dirt, and stains have probably gotten the better of us. Yet in line with the spring season, a complete spring clean can tidy up the mess we may be in and help us experience our homes  in all their brightness!

Time to Get Cleaning

If you don’t regularly take the time to clear your space, clutter and mess at home may have become a part of everyday life. You might be doing the bare minimum and not looking at those closets and shelves hidden away, out of sight and out of mind. You may be surprised, however, that cleanliness and tidiness play large roles in your physical and mental health.

Declutter for More Focus and Movement

Let’s start with the obvious: decluttering and tidying up frees up space. More space means more room to move around. That movement then translates to more freedom in doing even menial everyday tasks, or even to refresh the space with something new. 

What’s more, if you’re one of the many people who have spent this year working from home, then you should consider clearing your work space. A clean work space allows you to feel more calm when working and minimises distractions. 

Reduce Accidents

Freedom of movement also means fewer chances for injuries at home. You might not realise, but piles of clothes, shoes, and anything else not in its place can become a hazard for bruises, tripping over or on the rare but possible occasion, serious injury.  Taking the time to spring clean and remove unwanted items will allow for more space to roam around and less danger to yourself. 

Look After Your Health

Next,  doing a deep clean of the home does wonders to the body, especially for people who suffer from temporary or permanent respiratory issues. You could be surprised at how much dust gathers over time, especially on top of surfaces and behind furniture. 

If you suffer from asthma, allergies or hayfever, it is especially important to keep on top of the dusting and cleaning. Spring is a time where pollen and other allergens come to play, so it’s even more important to give your home a good clean and wipe down to reduce any adverse reactions.

If you have pets who roam freely around your house, pet dander may also cause allergies. You should be more on top of cleaning and vacuuming with indoor pets, but if you are feeling particularly sneezy and unsure why, it could be the pets. Make sure to clean all their bedding, play area etc. during your spring clean. 

Lead a More Active Lifestyle

Aside from easing seasonal allergies, springtime cleaning may also be a way for people to get more movement into their day. It may not be the intensive exercise that will give you muscles, but you might work up a bit of a sweat. It’s the kind of physical activity that warms you up, raising your energy levels. It’s still beneficial if you work from home and sit for several hours a day.

It may not result after a day’s worth of cleaning, but cleanliness may still serve as an inspiration to eat healthier and actually exercise. Studies have shown that a clean environment does affect people in their diets. You may be more motivated to eat more nutritious food and participate in some form of physical exercise when you live in a clean home.

Boost Mental Wellness

Lastly and most importantly, a spring clean through your home may help boost your mental health. Studies have shown that clutter, dust mites, mildew, and other indications of a messy house lead to many psychological stressors. 

These stressors, if not dealt with, can lead to issues with your mental health. Symptoms may include stress buildup, a depressed mood, a weaker immune system, and disrupted sleep, among others.

Doing a deep spring clean of your home can do wonders for your mental health and clarity. A tidy and organised space can lead to feeling less stressed and able to focus on tasks more clearly. . You may also feel happier and more accomplished from cleaning. 

Clean the way you want to

On a final note, a clean house does not have to be pristine, super tidy, or even to the point of minimalism. It may be enough to clean up the way you want to. Work or your domestic situation may likely factor into this. 

A clean home of a single person will be different from the clean house of a family of five. You may find out what works for you for work and home life; then you may arrange and clean up to optimise those experiences.

If you find that doing an entire house cleans every few months is an exhausting and despised task, try breaking it up and tackle one part of your home to clean every week or fortnight, which will lessen the need for a spring clean. 

Spring Clean for Your Health

So now you understand that health and well-being has a direct correlation to cleaning, whether that be the small weekly tasks or a large spring clean. It is a form of self-care that experts say must not be overlooked. With the world as it is today, any person at home could definitely use some self-care.

Now then, you may get started with your home, and you don’t need to be  Marie Kondo for this. Do what you need to do to create a clean and vibrant space that gives you peace of mind and keeps you healthy and happy.

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