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Is Your Mattress Causing Your Back Pain? Here’s What a Chiropractor Says

October 4, 2023   By Ecosa Dream Team

Waking up in pain? Not the ideal way to start the day, right? Before you pin it on that old sports injury or the way you sat at your desk, pause and consider: Could your mattress be the silent culprit?

We spoke with chiropractor Dr Lisa Smycz of Errol Street Chiropractic Centre in Melbourne, to help us identify signs that your mattress is causing your back pain.

Morning Stiffness: A Sign of the Wrong Mattress

Ever wondered why you wake up feeling like you’ve been lifting weights all night? That initial back pain might be more related to your “mattress causing back pain” than your body weight. Dr. Smycz points out, “If you’re waking up with this ache, your mattress may lack the right pressure relief.”

Is Your Firm Mattress Too Firm?

We often think a firmer surface gives better sleep, but if your mattress feels harder than the road, it’s too much.

A “hybrid mattress” or a “medium-firm mattress” might be the sweet spot, ensuring your body stays in a “neutral position” while sleeping, says Dr. Smycz.

Conversely, Your Mattress May Be Too Soft

While we all dream of sleeping on clouds, an overly soft mattress can be a “lack of support” nightmare. If you sink into your bed, think “mattress sags,” it’s a red flag. Dr. Smycz advises against beds that don’t maintain a “neutral position” for the spine.

So basically, a mattress that hits the middle ground of not too soft but not too firm is the ideal type of mattress for most people.

Quality, Age, and…Warranty?

A mattress is an investment. But like all good things, they have a shelf life. If you’re waking up with a “dull ache” every morning, consider the age of your mattress. Dr. Smycz’s rule of thumb?

“Avoid mattresses older than seven years.”

And while on the topic, if you’re hunting for a new quality mattress, always check the warranty (10 years or more is good) and reviews from other customers.

Tossing and Turning in the Night

According to The Joint Chiropractic, if you find yourself waking up frequently throughout the night or you’re actively tossing and turning, it may be a sign that your mattress isn’t right for you.

You shouldn’t have to find a comfortable sleep position – laying down should be pain-free and natural.

Remember, the best mattress and most supportive mattress aren’t the same for everyone. The journey to a pain-free back might just start with checking the type of mattress beneath you.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

Dr. Smycz said that your sleep posture is an additional factor in back and neck pain.

“Sleeping on your stomach is the worst position to sleep in because you have to turn your head, which puts a strain on the neck and upper back,” said Dr Smycz.

“Sleeping on your stomach compresses the solar plexus, and digestion is affected as well. It doesn’t allow you to properly rest and repair throughout the night.”

So what’s the ideal sleeping position to avoid back pain?

“The ideal sleep posture is lying on your side,” explained Dr Smycz.

“When lying on your side, imagine a line going all the way from the neck through to the spine. You want that line to be straight. A nice, supportive mattress will keep that spine aligned.” 

When It’s Not Your Mattress… 

At the end of the day, if you’re experiencing any type of low back or general back pain, it’s a good idea to check in with the professionals. The perfect mattress might help, but there might be underlying issues to deal with too.

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Back Pain From Mattress FAQs

Why do I have lower back pain from bed?

If you’re experiencing lower back pain from bed, it could be due to several factors. Often, a saggy or old mattress can fail to provide proper spinal alignment, leading to soreness. It’s also essential to ensure your sleeping posture is correct. A bad mattress can be one of the primary causes of back pain. Consider investing in a high-quality new mattress for improved sleep quality.

Should I opt for a soft or firm mattress for lower back pain?

The “right mattress” for lower back pain often depends on individual preferences and specific needs. Typically, a medium-firm mattress, like some innerspring or memory foam mattress options, can provide adequate support and cushioning. It’s essential to find a balance that ensures pressure points are minimised and the spine remains in a neutral position.

I slept wrong, and now my neck is killing me. What should I do?

Neck soreness can be a result of sleeping in an unnatural position or on a bad mattress that doesn’t support proper spinal alignment. Your sleeping position is crucial; for instance, side sleepers might require a different type of mattress than back sleepers. Consider evaluating your current mattress and pillow to ensure they’re providing the right support.

Why does my back hurt in bed but not on the couch?

Your couch might offer a different type of support and contouring than your bed, which could be why your back doesn’t hurt there. If your bed is old, saggy, or not the right mattress type for your sleeping posture, it can lead to chronic back pain. The key lies in ensuring that your mattress supports your body’s pressure points and promotes a good night’s sleep.

How do I know if a new mattress can help my back pain?

If you notice telltale signs like sagging, lumps, or if you know your mattress is old, it’s time for a change. A new mattress, especially one designed to promote spinal alignment and relieve pressure points, can drastically improve sleep quality. Remember, a good mattress is an investment in your wellness. Whether you’re leaning towards memory foam, innerspring, or another type, make sure it supports your sleeping posture for a pain-free morning.

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