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Ecosa On The Road | Life As A Full Time Travel Influencer

April 15, 2019   By @lostinluna_ | Jordan and Harry Vick

Who says your best night’s sleep has to be at home? Full-time adventurers Harry and Jordan packed in their full time jobs in favour of life on the road, and with their trusty Ecosa snuggled into the back of their van, they’re able to explore by day and unwind by night. “Our days are so jam-packed full of adventure, we are always on the go. Having the Ecosa mattress ensures that we get enough sleep for the next day full of activities,” they said. A welcome change from the usual discomfort of nomad life, Harry explained how having an Ecosa transformed their wanderlust-led journey. “It has improved our travel experience ten fold. The Ecosa is light and easy to move, which is imperative for our lifestyle, and it keeps us cool in the hot weather. Honestly, it’s the perfect travel buddy.”


Having always struggled with the mediocrity of the 9-5, Harry and Jordan would yearn for weekends and the chance to adventure. When they felt their creative instincts weren’t being met at their jobs, they knew it was time to make a change. “We decided to minimise our living expenses, hit the road, and live a life that we can look forward to every single day.”

But it wasn’t a case of hopping on a plane and starting over. The pair put in a lot of time, energy and good old fashioned hard work to get to where they are now. “We bought a bus back in July last year and it took 5 weeks of full time work on refurbishing it to get our adventure wagon to where it is today.”

After tying the knot in October last year, the newlyweds took to the road and began exploring every corner of Australia. Having simply ‘existed’ for so long, Harry and Jordan are now making it happen, and finally getting out there and seeing our beautiful country for what it really is. “Our highs would definitely be the new experiences every day, and getting to spend so much time together.” Acknowledging that leaving friends and family was the hardest part, they said, “Leaving our loved ones behind wasn’t easy. We’d take them all with us if we could!”

mattress in a van

Their plans for the year ahead involve slowing down a little and continuing to take in the incredible opportunities they have each day. When asked what advice they’d give to anyone wanting to break free from the daily grind and follow their pulsing wanderlust, they said, “Just do it. There is never a right time. There is always a way to make money on the road and there will always be work when you get back.”

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“You could say we’re living our retirement 40 years early!”

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