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Ecosa Earth Week: Save The Planet While You Sleep

April 21, 2022   By Ecosa Dream Writers

This coming Friday’s Earth Day. But shouldn’t we make every day Earth Day? We know our planet’s hurting. And at this stage, she needs protection and love more than ever.  

So for Ecosa Earth Week, we’ve decided to take a pause and engage in conversation about sustainable living. 

Every little step counts. In fact, we believe that making a difference is so simple, you can do it with your eyes closed—literally! 

At Ecosa, we live and breathe sustainable sleeping solutions. In an act of transparency, we would love to share with you how we’ve been working hard towards eco-friendly, practical solutions that give back to our planet and community

And if you’re looking for some simple, everyday tips to make a positive difference, you’d definitely want to stay tuned as well! 

Tip #1: We can all be carbon neutral. 

We’re proud to let you know that Ecosa is Australia’s first certified carbon-neutral mattress and sleeping solutions company. We’re now 100% carbon-neutral. 

It honestly took a lot of naps, sweat and tears to get here. But we aren’t planning to stop just yet. By 2025, Ecosa will become Australia’s leading sustainable sleep solutions brand. 

As part of this effort, we’re using all-natural materials to make mattresses and pillows, which minimises carbon emissions. Getting a mattress to its new owner can also leave massive carbon footprints. So to reduce these emissions, 80% of our orders are delivered right from a local warehouse. And by 2025, we’ll get that to 100%

Through our partnership with GreenStory, we’re also funding projects that empower communities to reduce their carbon footprints. From installing solar panels to planting trees—these are the projects you’ll be backing with your purchase. 

Supporting these efforts can be as simple as going for an eco-friendly mattress. But these are two other tips that can get you on the right track as well. 

  • Subscribe to services such as Ecologi that give you tools to tackle the climate crisis. 
  • Choose brands based on their sustainability. You can use the Good On You app or the website Sustainable Choice to discover ethical products and check the impact of your favourite brands. 

Tip #2: Keep your old mattress out of the landfill. 

Every year, one million mattresses land up in Australia’s landfills, and each takes over a century to decompose. 

Because of this, we’ve come up with a simple solution to help you recycle your old and unwanted mattresses through Ecosa’s very own recycling program. 

We’ve partnered with companies that will come right to your doorstep to pick up your old mattress. So, you won’t have to worry about transporting your heavy mattress to the site. 

Your old mattress is then inspected at a warehouse, and those in good condition will be donated to charity. The rest will have their individual components recycled. So far, we’ve donated over 10,000 mattresses (and counting!) to families in need. 

You can also recycle old bedsheets and textiles. All you have to do is generate an AusPost label through Ecosa and bring them in a box to your nearest Australia Post office, and these will be sent to our textile recycling partner. 

We want to thank you for playing your part toward a greener future. So you’ll receive a voucher to spend on Ecosa for the old bedsheets and mattresses you choose to recycle! 

Tip #3: Recycling is for everyone. 

Recycling has never been this easy

Getting your old mattresses and bedsheets recycled plays a massive role in reducing waste and pollution. But there are many other practical and simple ways to minimise the waste that ends up in Australia’s landfills. 

For instance, you can recycle items such as: 

  • Empty beauty product packaging at your local Priceline or Priceline Pharmacy. This includes empty mascara tubes, glass bottles, and makeup palettes. 
  • Soft plastics with REDcycle. You can recycle plastics bags, food packaging, and zip lock bags via the REDcycle program. 
  • Household products such as used oral care items, razors, empty skincare packaging and dishwashing bottles with Terracycle. 

Saving The Planet While You Sleep 

As an Ecosa customer, you can make a positive impact while catching some zzz’s. Saving the planet doesn’t get any easier than this. 

Choosing Ecosa’s eco-friendly mattresses empowers you to play your role in reducing waste and emissions—a simple decision that goes a long way. But this comes at no compromise. Our mattresses offer great comfort and durability and are gentle to your skin. 

Ultimately, there’s nothing quite like a good night’s rest knowing your mattress is making a difference!

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