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5 Purchases That’ll Make You Feel Like The Ultimate Grown Up

November 2, 2020   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Is “adulting” starting to scare you? Well it can be a big change for many young people when they haven’t needed to take on much responsibility before.

While it may seem too early to worry about the future, it pays (pun intended) to be financially aware of the challenges that maturity and growing up brings. Sound daunting? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve come up with five purchases that will help you feel like you’re a fully grown adult with their sh*t together, starting with…

New Digs!

Okay, we’re not telling you that by giving up your avocado toast, you’ll be able to afford your own home. But you can’t deny that eventually buying a house is the ULTIMATE grown up purchase, and probably the biggest one you’ll ever make.

Obviously, it feels good having your own place. The privacy and freedom to do whatever and be whoever you want to be is an incredible feeling. You can have friends over whenever for drinks, Netflix, whatever you feel like. However, you shouldn’t just settle for anything in your budget. Make sure it fits in with exactly what you want.

As a whole, the realty industry was surprised in a good way when it became apparent that more Gen Zs and Millennials are buying houses, contrary to popular belief. That’s not saying it’s easy, but it is possible.

Having a long term view on how you spend your finances begins with setting down roots is a great goal, and nothing screams adult more than choosing a good location based on proximity to grocery stores, schools for future kiddos and other necessities. 

If purchasing property isn’t your priority or isn’t in your future, then that’s totally okay! You don’t need to own a house to feel like an adult. Other ways include…

Bedroom Makeover

Whether you’ve bought a house, you’re renting or you still live with Mum and Dad, it’s important to pay particular attention to how you rest and recharge. 

Most people don’t give a lot of thought to the quality of their pillows and mattresses and even less on their beds. What should be a safe haven for relaxation and comfort is usually seen as nothing more than furniture. Give your aching back and tired muscles a good treat and invest on quality mattresses, bed frames and bases. You do know you’re supposed to sleep on a bed that doesn’t squeak, right? 

You can also take it a step further and purchase a matching bedroom set! Combining that with a quality mattress and pillow means you’ll completely transform your bedroom into somewhere you truly love to spend time, plus it’ll improve your sleep. 

Time to Get Cleaning

Great house, great bedroom, what’s next? A seemingly boring purchase that’ll make you feel like a fully-fledged 100% is cleaning products and appliances. Cleaning is one of those mundane tasks that we don’t love, but is necessary to maintain a clean house.

A good quality vacuum cleaner and some brooms and mops that won’t break the bank can be the best friend you didn’t want or ask for. 

Cleaning once every couple of days would do the trick.  Find a brand that you feel comfortable with using but doesn’t make you max out your credit card, as high-quality doesn’t always mean expensive. Also, don’t allow dirty dishes to pile up, trust us you’ll regret it if you do!

Invest in Yourself

Okay, technically this whole article is about making purchases for you but now we’ll get a little personal. This is all about you, what you want, and what changes and purchases will make you feel like a new and improved you.

This may be as simple as learning how to handle your finances better than last year by signing up to a high-interest savings account or smashing down your debt repayments. Or maybe you’re ready to commit to that expensive gym membership because you know it’ll be the best thing for you?

Investing with yourself will pay off in a million different ways, such as self-confidence and improved enjoyment of life. Trying new products different than you usually use is also a sign of personal growth and evolving taste.

Sometimes the little things that you improve on can make you go from basic to boss-mode in no time when you put in a bit of effort. It also helps to learn a new skill like cooking or making coffee, so you won’t have to rely on takeout most of the time

Upgrade Those Wheels

Buying a car in your teens is a right of passage that many Aussies experience. No matter your age, income, or whether you’re buying a cheap, old first car or upgrading to something newer, purchasing a car is an exciting experience that allows you to get wherever you need. 

With how the world is at the moment, it is important to be safe and healthy while commuting. Travelling in the comfort and security of your own vehicle is the perfect way to get around safely. 

It doesn’t even need to be a car; a motorcycle or even an electric bicycle are great modes of transportation. Remember, buying brand new is not always the best or most economical option for you.

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