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Ideas For Valentine’s Day Gifts

February 9, 2021   By Jennifer Cook

Look we get it, you’re reading this because you’re looking for the perfect gift this Valentine’s day. You want to ace this choice this year right?

Gifting seems simple but can be very tricky in practice. What might work for your best friend or workmates won’t do for loved ones or a special someone. Finding the right one can be a chore,  especially if they’re the kind of person who has everything.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the best gift. Price and what your partner wants or needs is a good starting point. While having so many options out there is reassuring for some, for last-minute shoppers, it’s overwhelming.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right gift for your special someone. Remember that these are just suggestions,  a good gift should fit in with who the person is. Knowing their likes and hobbies also helps.

That said, let’s begin!

Give Handmade Gifts a Try

A good gift doesn’t have to be expensive. The price tag of a Valentine’s Day present isn’t what most people would look at but rather the feelings and thoughts that came with it, especially when it’s a romantic gift from your significant other!

Not everyone can be artsy. However, even the simplest crafts or anything handmade can be a thoughtful gift. They reflect your willingness to spend time and effort, and those are things money can’t buy.

For starters, you can try hand-knitted clothing like scarves or something that can be unique, like a keepsake with their name. Pair these with a sentimental gift card with sweet messages, and you’re good to go with your unique gift.

If you’re creative, a painting or sketch is an excellent way to show appreciation for your special someone. Try to say “I love you” using different words with poetry to surprise your partner or loved ones, writing about what makes your relationship special.

When trying out handmade gifts, check for ideas online, such as on Pinterest and Etsy. Knowing your recipient’s hobbies or needs also helps decide what you’ll make. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Nothing can be more limited-edition than a gift made explicitly by you.

Good Food Sets the Mood

Planning the perfect date night this V-day? How about preparing a delicious meal complete with a romantic setup? Think candle-lit tables with dimmed lights to create an ambience of romance. Add a bottle of wine, and your foodie partner will enjoy this date idea!

Instead of booking into that expensive restaurant, cooking your partner’s favourite meal will make the night extra special and allows for an intimate dining experience. Remember, you don’t have to splurge to make your SO feel your love.

To round up dinner, how about some DIY heart-shaped box of chocolate truffles to show your sweet side? Pair that with romantic music, and you’re good to go. 

If your partner doesn’t like chocolates, handmade apple tarts or pies taste sweeter when made by your loved one, making for a memory that can be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Feed Their Needs

Knowing what your partner wants might be easy but what they need is trickier. It might be a new shirt for work or gadgets for working out. 

Choosing that one thing they need, however big or small, shows that you care about them and that you’ve been paying attention. 

Is your partner a sucker for skincare? There are SO many healthy options online; pair them with a gorgeous gift box, and you’re good to go! Bath bombs are also an excellent pick.

Whatever gift you choose, the thought and feelings that come with it will surely resonate with your partner. Like a handmade gift, it will make them feel unique and important, and there’s no price tag for that.

Give the Gift of Sleep

Speaking of priceless, good sleep is one of the pleasures in life that even money can’t buy. Many factors affect the quality and length of our sleep, with comfort and relaxing ambience being high on your Valentine’s bucket list.

That said, a gift set of soft pillows with smooth, silky pillowcases will get you on track to a great night’s sleep. The Ecosa Pillows will make your partner’s head feel embraced lovingly, while the Ecosa Silk Pillowcases are like gentle caresses filled with love.

Some people prefer sweets while others like flowers for Valentine’s Day, but everyone needs good sleep. Have your partner feel relaxed and rested with these sleep essentials; they’ll probably be dreaming about you as well. 

Ensuring that your partner is comfy during sleep can be a great gift idea as that is something they can use AND enjoy every day. It’s like a love note composed of multiple good nights.

A Starry Night

You don’t have to travel to the country to experience the beauty of the night sky with your partner (although you’ll see more stars). A good blanket, some wine and cheese, and sweaters for the chilly wind will do fine.

If you want to be romantic about it, prepare some songs you can listen to together while watching the stars glitter like diamonds in the sky. For maximum viewing pleasure, a basic telescope with some zoom function might help, if you’re a dedicated star gazer.

For your location, a grassy spot on your local park or even on your rooftop will do; just make sure there is little light pollution so you can fully enjoy the stars.

Personalised Gift Ideas

A common trend among retailers and brands of almost all kinds, personalised products are as unique as they come. With your partner’s name engraved on your gift, it’s like a declaration of love and affirmation.

Personalised gifts don’t even have to have their names on them. A nickname or pet name would suffice and be even more appreciated as it shows intimacy and closeness. 

As for the gift itself, one they would need or use regularly would be best. Something like a mug with an inside joke or reference, or a handbag with your names or initials on it adds flair.

Scents Make Sense

You don’t have to pay much to smell good and no; we’re not talking about perfume.

Candles and scented oils can do wonders for your pad or home. They relax and lessen you while providing a soothing ambience that sets the mood for sleep. 

Products like sandalwood-based oils and candles soothe the muscles and freshen the living or bedroom without costing too much. If you don’t live together, every time your partner lights the candle, they’ll be reminded of you.

What Is the Best Valentine’s Day Gift?

As all gift guides will tell you, there is no single idea that’ll work for everyone. Choosing gifts requires knowing the person you’re buying for, especially when they’re your partner or loved one. 

You may spend the coming days pouring over the best Valentine’s day gift ideas like this one, but in the end, it all depends on how much you know about who you’re giving them to. 

The price of a gift isn’t what makes it suitable. It may be a rare and expensive gift but if your partner prefers chocolates, then it isn’t worth it. Pay attention to their needs and what they like and you’ll find your answer.

Lastly, make sure to convey your feelings through your gifts. Sincerity and effort are far better than expensive gifts given without thought behind them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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