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Safe Sleep for Australia’s Homeless Community

September 14, 2016   By Ecosa Dream Writers

How many homeless people are in Australia?

On any given night across Australia there are 105,000 people struggling with homelessness. Of this 105,000, approximately 6,314 are sleeping rough. To make these statistics even worse, 1,073 of these are children under twelve years of age. This means that each night there are over 6,000 adults and children sleeping on our streets in dangerous conditions, battling the elements as well as potential health hazards such as substance dependency, violence and mental illness.

Sleep Bus

Simon Rowe is the founder of the SleepBus phenomenon. Simon has created a pilot bus that has 22 beds and also features pet kennels, storage lockers and toilets. Each bus will be manned by an overnight caretaker and security guard.

The idea came to Simon when he saw a homeless man on the steps of a bank in Balaclava which reached him on a personal level as he reflected on his own experience with homelessness in 1993.

What did we do?

One evening when scrolling through Facebook, the co-founders of Ecosa came across Simons SleepBus GoFundMe campaign and were inspired by his initiative and became instantly keen to help.

At Ecosa we pride ourselves on providing people with an amazing night’s sleep atop our expertly designed mattresses. Ecosa offer a 100 night free trial to our customers, any customers who are unhappy with the comfort of our product are able to return their mattress for a full refund. We pride ourselves on the fact that each return is donated to local charity and we have a very strong relationship with The Salvation Army both in Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately for those in need; working with just our return stock did not allow us to help a large number of people in crisis.

This is why Ecosa have decided to partner with SleepBus and provided mattresses for every sleep pod on every bus that will be manufactured. With the pilot bus soon to be on the road we will have the opportunity to help at least 22 homeless people per night. That is 8,030 safe sleeps per year. To reach Simon’s goal of having 0 people sleeping rough on Australian streets we will need 319 buses. Our goal of 319 buses will allow us to assist Australia’s homeless to have 2,328,700 safe sleeps each year.

Ecosa are on a mission to help Australia beat homelessness. Giving back to the community makes us proud of what we do at Ecosa- After all; a good night’s sleep could be the beginning of the path to a better life.

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