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Aesthetic Picnic Supplies You Need According To Cottagecore TikTok

September 28, 2021   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Do you want to UP your picnic game? A picnic outdoors can be a nice change of pace and environment, away from all the chaos of the real world.

You slow down enough to enjoy the food, the world around you, and most significantly, the people you’re with. 

Bring your best friends, pet, family, or a date, and make some memories. While you’re at it, why not arrange the best spread for a drool-worthy photo?

TikTok can teach us a thing or two about aesthetic picnics. You can find all the picnic inspo you need there, but to save you time scrolling through the app, we’ve compiled this list of supplies for the perfect picnic.

Trending ideas for an aesthetic photoshoot

Alluring picnic blanket

A meal outdoors is not complete without the right blanket. Sure, a collapsible table is a practical item for your picnic snacks but a blanket is a classic that will always be a mainstay.

Of course, the colours and patterns on the blanket matter too. Although pure white is a must-have for some, a checker pattern will bring your picnic to the next level when it comes to securing your hard-earned “influencer” status (JK … or am I?). 

If you don’t have a checker patterned blanket, you can opt for a different design and colour scheme. Honestly, just pick the one that will steal the show in your feed.

In case of wind, it’s also a good idea to bring weighted objects to keep the blanket flat on the ground. Alternatively, you can use some books or a picnic basket to keep the blanket fixed in place.

Cottagecore picnic basket

Have you heard of the term cottagecore? A fashion aesthetic based on the romantic qualities of rural life and slow living: Thanks to this trend, the wicker basket has come into the picture. 

Modern picnics may revolve around plastic baskets or containers for carrying food, but wicker baskets have come into style again. 

Tiktok creators are flaunting their woven baskets, and as an item made from natural materials, it also blends with the earthy setting.

Complete the wicker basket with a checker patterned napkin as well. It looks lovely and protects food that isn’t in containers, such as fruit. 

Matching your basket, napkin and your blanket will work for a cohesive look, while contrasting patterns and colours will enable both items to pop in photos.

Aesthetic food platters

Once you have your blanket and your basket, it’s time to move on to picnic food! 

Whether you’re bringing a light snack or packing for a picnic party, a charcuterie board will be the perfect platter along with your sandwiches, fruits, and cold cuts. 

Grazing boards also provide a means for displaying and protecting your food. Let your cheeseboard shine as the centrepiece of your picnic.

Even if you use plastic containers for other food, having a board in the centre will provide you with an attractive focal point that will anchor your meal and your snapshots.

Sparkly glassware

Now, where will you pour your wine? Bringing a wine glass may seem risky, but transporting a few is well worth the effort. 

You’ll feel classy as you drink your wine and enjoy your picnic, and we’re all in need of some opulence during the lockdown. 

At the same time, it looks sophisticated and adds to the overall aesthetic that you may want to evoke on the gram. Even if you’re only having sparkling wine or a simple juice or iced tea, wine glasses (or glasses, in general) will look perfect for your aesthetic picnic. 

You might even consider packing a range of coloured glasses for a technicolour, high tea vibe.

Vibrant flatware

If you’re bringing more than finger food, spoons, forks, and knives will come in handy. Don’t be afraid to bust out your sparkliest flatware for that perfect photo session. 

They’ll feel right at home with your dazzling wine glasses. If you don’t have sparkly cutlery, you can go with brightly coloured ones instead. Their colour will catch the eye and still provide you with the aesthetic picnic of your dreams.

Other supplies for a complete picnic experience

If you’re into them, scented candles work the best with picnics. Their sweet aroma will put everyone in the right mood. At the same time, the candles add to the ambience, an essential feature if you’re bringing a picnic date. 

Finally, candles can keep bugs and other tiny critters from intruding on your meal.

A few flowers won’t hurt too, especially since you’ll be out in a green field enjoying the scenery. A mix of colour, fragrance, taste, and texture will make for an indulgent affair.

Alternatively, you can lean into the organic cottagecore aesthetic by laying down dried branches for ornamentation.

An umbrella makes for the ultimate picnic accessory. It may be too hot outside, and a little shade will keep you safe from the harsh light.

A large enough umbrella, and one with a spring/summer design and colour, can match with everything else on your rug, making for an enviable setup.

Even it’s not hot out; an umbrella can also be a decorative backdrop for your next Tiktok video.

If you’re throwing an evening picnic, even if only in your yard, a string of lights will give you the soft illumination that will have all guests starry-eyed. 

The yellow tones will also set themood, complementing your scented candles, wine glasses, and cutlery. It doesn’t hurt that, in photos, the yellows create a perfect nighttime aesthetic.

Enjoy your picnic and have a fun photo session!

Picnics are an opportunity for food, companionship and photos. With a checklist recommended by TikTok, you’ll be able to share stunning snaps with your circle, all while capturing memories and an appreciation for nature. 

So, pack your picnic set with these essentials and get out there!

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