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Modern Bedroom Design Tips from Airbnb & Rental Properties (With Price)

March 4, 2019   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Airbnb has become quite a staple for any upcoming trip. Often used for planning and preparation, people overlook the website’s assortment of beautiful rooms and houses. It has become essentially a Pinterest board for interior design!

With Airbnb’s newest feature, Airbnb Plus, they visit the hosts’ homes to do a 100+ point quality inspection to verify their quality and comfort.

Now let’s travel around Australia in search of inspiring modern styles for your next bedroom redesign!

Modern Bedroom Design Tips from Our Favourite Airbnb Homes


Private Room | $75/night

Working with irregularly shaped rooms might sound like a design nightmare. Fret not! Keeping these irregularities and integrating them into the design adds flavour and interest to the bedroom space.

The use of wood as the dominant material establishes warmth in this Airbnb space making it feel cosy and homey. By adding in touches of bright and sunny yellow, the dullness of a neutral bedroom is balanced out while adding a youthful vibe and a hint of fun in the atmosphere.


Entire Apartment | $99/night

Many living spaces nowadays use an open floor plan because of floor size constraints. This means that there are no clear room dividers designating each space as its own. Using area rugs will definitely help in creating that divider without adding an obstruction that takes too much space! Using bright hues, blue in this case, also adds personality and texture to a minimalist style bedroom.


Entire Apartment | $119/night

Having living elements in the room is a game changer for its look. From pets to plants, you can’t go wrong with adding a bit of life in your bedroom! Modern and Instagram-worthy, having a big floor plant atop the table is a unique way of adding height and colour to the room.

When planning to purchase plants for your bedroom, make sure to check their corresponding care instructions to see if they fit your schedule and lifestyle. Don’t forget that adding fake plants are an option too!

Placing the bed near the window also gives a window sill bed effect. Even without a headrest and footrest, the bed placement keeps it interesting and aesthetic.


Entire House | $313/night

Instead of purchasing one big framed picture for your wall decoration, selecting a set of small ones that are related to each other adds a different flavour to your room. Now’s your chance to showcase your personality through your room’s design!

Symmetry is also key to achieving this bedroom look. From the same-sized frames to the side table and lamp, the balance makes it pleasing to the eyes!


Entire Apartment | $89/night

Artworksare a good and subtle way to add more colour to an otherwise neutral living space. Creating a point of contrast between the wall and artwork makes an interesting focal point for guests to admire.

An artwork also helps in establishing the feel and personality of the bedroom. In this particular room, the framed floral paintings not only brings in the femininity to the room but also adds life to a blank grey wall.

Complementing the artworks with other colours and decorations pulls the entire look together. Like how the turquoise elements above add a pop of colour without being overbearing.


Entire House | $600/night

You can’t help but feel the summer vibes in this Airbnb despite the very neutral colours in the room. This is due to the careful selection of furniture and decorations – how instead of solid and heavy-looking furniture, the items are all slatted and airy looking! So when you open that door to let in some breeze, air will flow freely through your bedroom.


Entire Apartment | $143/night

When you have all white walls in your bedroom, having heavy looking furniture definitely adds contrast. The platform bed base, especially in the colour black, brings the focus in the centre of the room. The room’s consistency with the wood and neutral theme helps create a put-together look with ease!


Entire Apartment | $219/night

On a tight budget? No sweat. Prioritising bedding could be an easy solution to liven up your bedroom! Beddings come in all shapes and sizes – making it effortless to instantly change the personality of your room. Mixing different patterns, colours, and textures create a point of interest without the need of too much accessorisation.

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And don’t forget about the power of curtains — they’re great for keeping natural light accessible whenever you need it! When using curtains, remember to place the rod 4 inches higher than the window to keep the eyes drawn upward. This creates the illusion that the room is taller and much more spacious than it is!

Now that you know all the tips and tricks to create a modern style bedroom, you’re now free to experiment what works best for you. Mix and match colours and accessories, or even keep things symmetrical.

You know what they say: the devil is in the detail!

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